Lesson report

Here we are listening to the instructor. The DOR was paying better attention than I was. I quit listening when she said I had to collect my butt up underneath me...too much work.

Well ignoring her didn't work too well. She came over to make sure she had my undivided attention. I thought the lesson was supposed to be for the DOR and that I was just to pack her around. She was supposed to work on her position, hands, head, and legs...what is up with me having to work too? Jack tuck your butt, Jack turn with your shoulders, Jack quit turning on
your hindend, Jack quit dragging yourself around the arena on the forehand...JACK, JACK, JACK!!!

Well the DOR told me I was doing grand. The instructor said I was more confident and calmer. She said I had come a long way since our last lesson, she could tell I had been working hard. Good thing she said nice things or this would have been the only view she would have gotten for the entire lesson.

Here I am working at a jog. I think I look superdee duper!
I was a bit of a twerp for the farrier after the lesson. He is married to the instructor. So I gave her the "appy stare" and kept yanking my hoof from the farrier...showed her! The farrier had enough of my antics, gave me a swat, and told me to stand right-
okiedokie, don't want any more swats but I can still stare fiercely at the instructor.
The DOR is so pleased with how well I am doing. She says that I just keep getting better and better. Soon I will be super appy! It was a weekend filled with riding and fun. Tomorrow I will tell you about our early morning ride.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


EvenSong said...

Wow, Jack! That last photo you look really nice! Arched neck, on contact, and USIN' your back end well! Did you get to trot thru those poles? That's fun!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you did a great job taking care of your DOR during the lesson! Like that picture of you jogging - pretty fancy!

Shinade aka Jackie said...

Remember Jack it takes two to Tango!! You look awesome!:-)

mommanator said...

duh for me I didnt know horses needed so much training-I thought they just knew how to trot!

One Red Horse said...

Jack! What is up with these people who ride us? Don't they know horses are best suited for lounging under a shady tree with one hip cocked? Your DOR is all with the collected thing too? To make it worse, mine gets back from giving me a week of time off while she visits her dad up in your neck of the woods, then is all gung ho about doing TRAIL TRIALS and make me work, work, work doing scary things like "the gallows". Yeeeech!
Gotta say, you are looking pretty buff out there. Mare are going to be after you thick as flies.

Mountain Woman said...

Jack, if my butt were as adorable and spotted as yours, I wouldn't tuck it either. Shame on them for even suggesting.

I'm so glad you're doing such a good job and you and your DOR just keep becoming better partners.

P.S. -it's always good to let the farrier know who is really in charge. Love you Jack.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Nice going Jack, you look really sharp out there. And way to go with that 'appy stare', bet you put her in her place there.

Desert Rose said...

Silly Jack...you have to keep that DOR on her toes when she's on your butt!!!

Daisy said...

Jack, I do not enjoy anyone fooling around with my feets, either!


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