Quote for the week

"It's not my dog"
~Peter Sellers in The Pink Panther

In the movie Peter Sellers is walking with a dog and a man comes up and asks him if his dog bites. Peter replies, "No my dog does not bite." The man reaches to pet the dog and the dog bites him. The man says , "I thought you said your dog does not bite." Sellers replies, "My dog does not not, that is not my dog."
While this isn't a quote directly speaking about horses it does say something about a horse/human relationship. It is a phrase that the DOR uses to express that something is not her concern or doesn't matter to her.

The picture is of one of my ancestors. Now why would I have that up here? Well for several reasons. One is to show how cool some of my family is. The other is to point out that while we may have coolness in our family tree, we are still our own horse and are not a replica of our ancestors. The final reason is to say that while a horse and human is a sum total of their past experience, their partnership is going to be based on the time they spend together building their own unique relationship. This last point is important for humans who work with troubled or abused horses. The human needs to acknowledge the past of the horse and then move on in a productive manner with the horse. While the past does impact the present, when the right dance is done between horse and DOR, it doesn't have to impact the future.
The DOR and I had a great time dancing yesterday, no toes were stepped on.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug you DOR

This quote is a special one for the DOR's Father-in-law:
The turd never falls far from the tail ~Cactus Jack Splash


Shinade aka Jackie said...

Now this is just cool that you are blessed to know your roots and have such a rich history.

This is one of my all time favorite post. As you know I am adopted and I am always so happy to run across people who know how very important their heritage truly is!!

What a blessing for you and in tun we receive the blessing back from you and Jack!!

Very special to my heart today. Thanks for sharing this with us and I love the quote!!

I hope you have a great evening and a fantastic week!!

Angie said...

That is funny that you posted a pic of Red Eagle. The first time I saw a picture of him I was surprised at how much my Appy. Donte looks like him. Red Eagles pic's show so much personality. It is no surprise that you and Donte are related with all that personality and appytude.


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