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I close my eyes, only for a moment and the moment's gone~ Kansas

Horses live in the moment. We don't look to the future or fuss about the past. We enjoy what we have when we have it. Sadness passes quickly and we don't worry too much. While we can be mistreated to the point that we don't trust humans, we are able to overcome that and learn to trust.
I think that humans would do well to learn to live in the moment too. It seems to me that people spend so much time fretting about the past; the wrongs they feel have been done to them, things that they wish had been different, and a variety of other things. They also spend time living in the future and it isn't even here yet. By spending so much time in the past and in the future humans forget to live in the most important time of all-the here and now.
I have been teaching the DOR to be present in the moment. She is learning to enjoy the present to the fullest. The DOR is much happier now that she is practicing this lesson. Her doctor says she is healthier now than she has been in years. You see she has less worries living in the present.
Shandi is now teaching this lesson to the Support Crew Chief. The SCC spent time yesterday r
emoving bot eggs and then spending time with her in the arena. Before he knew it 2 hours had passed. He was in the moment, enjoying their time together. Nice to see him so relaxed.
I encourage each one of you to pick some time each day to just live in the moment. Make that time a bit longer every day. Soon you will find that your life is much happier.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Cheryl Ann said...

Jack, you are very wise. What you say is true. We should all just spend time in the present and not worry over the past or future! Great post!

One Red Horse said...

Lucky you humans have us horses, the ultimate masters of Zen, to nudge, push, and otherwise encourage you into the present moment. My mom said old timey Zen masters would whack their student with a stick to get them present. I say, why waste the energy when a well placed hoof on a toe will accomplish the same thing.

Red Horse

Your Daily Cute said...

That's a great quote, and a great way of thinking. Thanks, Jack, for sharing with us!

Goddess said...

Actually that opening quote is Kansas, not Journey. It's from "Dust in the Wind," which is one of my all time favorite songs.

Have a great day!

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Thanks for the correction, the DOR knew that-just had a senior moment...a very senior moment

Kimmy said...

As soon as I read, I close my eyes, I got chills.

I believe you Jack. Horses don't think about yesterday, or tomorrow. They live in the moment. And so should we!

mrscravitz said...

Sissy wants to know how your SCC removes bot eggs! Her DOR can't figure it out and is threatening to take a scissor and cut them all off.


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