Social Skills

Okay, I thought working on my social skills meant that the DOR and I would hang out and visit. NOOOOO, it meant that I had to go to the arena and hang out with the SSC and Coelho. At least the DOR let the SSC saddle Coelho up by himself.
I had to walk nicely around the arena, passing Coelho. If I didn't pin my ears I got to keep going. If I pinned my ears I had to walk beside Coelho for several steps...that was horrible! I tried hopping a bit, that didn't work, so finally I just decided to suck it up and act nice. I'm telling you the first chance I get I am going to give him a good ear pinning and a bite on his butt. If I could figure out how to get to his pasture he would get a big ol' appy hoof BAM on his painted butt.
I got to where I was good enough I could just wander around the arena doing my own thing. I was so distracted though that I almost had an accident. Coelho was showing off how well he lopes while I was trying to go over the poles, I got distracted and stepped on a pole..the pole rolled under my foot and I almost fell to my knees. Good thing I have appy smarts and speed, I recovered with a quickness and only one other rider saw what happened so my coolness is still intact. The DOR says I should quit fussing about the other horses. I can't help it though, I am still mad a Coelho and I know he wants to kick me. I know it looks like he is trying to kiss me in the picture, but that is only for show...he is mean to me when there are no cameras around. Maybe I should get a camera that I can wear all of the time so he is always nice.
I did enjoy our evening, maybe I can be civil to Coelho or maybe not.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


mommanator said...

O Jack you are so nice, be nice to him even if he did kick you!

Daisy said...

Jack, I think you are doing a good job. Sometimes, it takes a lot of practice to be nice all the time.

Janie at Sounding Forth said...


You know you should always turn the other butt cheek when you are offended.

One Red Horse said...

Newsflash Jack - OMG, did you consider that someday you and Coelho may actually go on a trail ride and need to count on each other to help stay safe from the horse munchers?

Shinade aka Jackie said...

i know you are so nice that you will hang in there and teach him to be nice to you too!!

Example is always the best way to go...and you are such a good leader!!

Happy week Jack!:-)))

S.W said...

I recovered with a quickness and only one other rider saw what happened so my coolness is still intact.
lol :D , be sure that you still the coolest horse I ever seen even if anyone saw you fell . and stop saying that Coelho is mean he looks nice boy (don't be jealous) tell DOR that you need some help to make friend with Coelho
BTW how do you pronounce Coelho ?

Breathe said...

Herds are tough. You know what they say - you can kick your fence but not your friends. At least not when the DOR is watching.


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