The DOR bit me

The DOR bit me! Well she didn't really bite me, she grabbed my chin and pinched me really hard while she was talking mean and making me back up. Then she took my treat tub and made me stand nicely for two minutes before I could have it back. She was acting like a mean horse...I didn't like it one little bit and I want to lodge a complaint with the spotted pony union.
You are probably wondering why she would do such a thing, so am I. All I know is that DOR was trying to give my niece her treat tub and my niece was making goo goo eyes at my treat tub. Well that was not to be tolerated so I lunged at her (my niece) to give her a nip. I missed my niece and got the DOR by mistake, you see the DOR had moved and I didn't notice...we both moved at the same time. I nailed the DOR on the front of her right shoulder and she took offence. I gave her my best "oh cow poop I messed up" look, but she wasn't having it and I got in trouble. She said something about biting me back and I needed to let her take care of the other horses when she was around.
I have never corrected another horse when the DOR has been close before and I am pretty sure I won't do it again...she pinches hard.
This has not been one of my best weeks. I have had to share the DOR with Coelho (pronounced quaylow), had social skills class, and now I bit the DOR by mistake. The DOR says it happens to us all and that she thinks the the two of us need some "alone time", so on Saturday it is going to be just the two of us having a play/spa day. She also says if I ever bite her again, even by mistake, I will be needing a dentist...what do you think she means by that?
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


EvenSong said...

It sounds like you learned your lesson, Jack. I hope you remember it, so you don't have to find out what she meant by the dentist comment!

That's part of the problem with letting humans join our herds, it can sometimes be confusing for everyone to learn the rules! Think of it this way, Jack--if you had a new baby horse (even younger than your niece) in your pasture, you might have to correct behavior, but you would do it in a much gentler way--humans aren't any bigger than those little horsies, so we need to be a little gentler with them (tho they can be even more spoilt than babies!).

mommanator said...

well ok then! the pic sure scared me! biting is not good!

Betty said...

I am so sorry that you got into trouble,but biting your DOR that is a big NO NO. I guess I am in a bit of trouble too I haven't posted or commented for a long tine I don't know why I guess I was having a human moment I think I am back now.
~~ Hugs and Smooches ~~

One Red Horse said...

Oopsie!!!! Sometimes I have shown other horses their place when mom was around. She knows that this is something I gotta do to keep my herd rank but sheeesh, better not kick up a fuss around her. She just explodes and yells, spins, jumps, pushes . . . she has yet to pinch or bite. Hope she doesn't read about your DOR's solution.

Florida Beach Basics said...

I think DOR let you off easy because you've had a tough week. If you'd have bitten your niece, I suspect your week would have gotten even tougher! marge

Daisy said...

Poor Jack! Everybuddy makes mistakes sometimes. I like to give biteys, too. But I think my teeths are not as strong as yours.

Cheryl Ann said...

Jack, Oh, no! You didn't!!! I hope you did learn your lesson! YOU BAD! My DOR is trying to teach me to "stay", but I'd rather wander off and smell poop! What is "stay" anyway?????

Split Rock Ranch said...

Oh my Jack, I hope you learned your lesson very well so your DOR doesn't have to correct you again! I think she means business. I'll bet that bite hurt really bad and left a big mark on her. That's why I take my Aussie Annie with me when I feed - she helps keep everybody from "gettin' jiggy"!

fernvalley01 said...

You are lucky Jack ! If the DOR had been badly hurt you might have been in need of a dentist sooner.Hope you learned you have a great DOR and she deserves much better than that kind of stuff. Have a nice 1-1 day and a better week next one


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