Quote for the week

"Mares rule the herd...we just let the geldings think they are in charge" ~ Wise Old Mare
I have found out that this single parenting thing is hard. I am not sure that geldings are supposed to raise youngsters on their own. I used to think that the male horses ran the pasture, but lately I have discovered that is not true. I have realized it is actually the mares that run the show.
I have been watching the pasture next to me and it is one particular mare that runs the show. She bosses everyone around and the gelding seems to just be a pretty boy. So in the interest of being a good parent I have been watching how she deals with the other horses. I have been using the same techniques that she uses with her pasture mates on my niece...things seem to be going much more smoothly doing this. I just hope that none of the geldings notice what I am doing.
I am off to the arena this afternoon to teach the DOR some new things.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Betty said...

Mares do rule,but most of them are smart enough to let you think you do. Jack you are very smart to watch and learn and that makes you special.
~~ Hugs and Smooches ~~

Leah Fry said...

Jack, now that you know the secret, shhhhhhh!


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