The price of the ticket

It is me, the DOR.
There have been many horses in my 50 years of life who have given me a "Golden Ticket". A special ticket that allows me to become a member of their family. These tickets have allowed me to experience some of my happiest moments, have made me a better person, and given me more blessings than I can count.
Like every ticket, they come with a price. Sometimes the price is one filled with joy and other times the price seems to rip your soul right out of you. Early this morning the price of the ticket took everything I could do to pay. Ginger took a turn for the worse and there was nothing that could be done to save her, she had Torsion Colic,
my price was to love her the best I could and let her go. She crossed the rainbow bridge surrounded by her horse and human family. She was laid to rest by Harley, wearing her purple halter. Dakota wanted her to be ready to give little kids in heaven a ride if they would like one.
Ginger entered our lives in 2006. She was doing her quarantine where we board our horses. I found her to be a delightful horse and enjoyed her personality. We ended up adopting her to be Dakota's riding horse, but she turned out to be so very much more.
Ginger recently gave a friend of ours little girl her very first solo ride. She packed around a friend of Dakota's for Fall Follies. She was a sport and wore a costume for Spring Follies, she was a Hawaiian Princess. She participated in a week long kiddie camp and was one of the favorites. Ginger loved to get in the trailer and go...go anywhere, she loved an adventure.
Ginger taught Dakota that there was more to being a good horseman that riding and feeding, that a good horseman learned to listen to his horse and control his emotions. Ginger was a big girl who was as light on her feet as a ballerina. Anyone could ride Ginger, she always took care of her rider.
Ginger was a clear communicator. A glance, a tail swish, a lady-like stomp were all tools that she used to tell us humans we had crossed the line. When all else failed she would turn her butt, walk away, turn towards the human and wait for them to change their ways...I think she would wait all day if that is what it took to teach a lesson.
I owe Ginger a debt of gratitude that I could never repay. If it hadn't been for Ginger's quiet and caring ways I wouldn't have gotten my confidence back as soon as I did. Ginger lovingly packed me down trails and around the arena, allowing me to rebuild my confidence. It seemed that with every bit of progress I made the more animated she became...soon I wasn't afraid anymore. Thank you sweet lady for allowing me to find my confidence, I will think of your lessons every time I ride.
We teased that Ginger was the land hippo because she was so big. The truth is she was light on her feet and extremely agile. She was also light on the reins and very responsive, but if you wanted to push things she would give you an argument that you would NEVER win.
We nicknamed her "The Duchess"because everything about her was regal. She was always a lady and expected to be treated befitting royalty. I have said if she was a human her voice would sound like Ethel Merman and she would have ruled some small Duchy with an iron hoof.
So we have paid the price of the ticket, we only wish we had not had to pay so soon...it is a small price to pay for the rich blessings one special horse bestowed upon us.
I think a four-year-old little girl paid Ginger the best tribute at kiddie camp. She as riding Ginger, leaned forward to pat Ginger neck, looked intensely at my friend and said,
"This is a good horse!"
RIP Ginger, you were truly royalty.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your horse, take every chance you have to give back to them all of the love they give to you.


Sunny Acres Ranch said...

A beautiful tribute. RIP our wonderful girl. You will never be forgotten.

mrscravitz said...

I am SOOOO Sorry! It is so hard to loose the ones that you love. RIP Ginger.

EvenSong said...

Have a royal gallop, Ginger! And give a nicker to Corky for me.

[Jack--Jackson has a video present for you...]

One Red Horse said...

Dear DOR, you do such a good job honoring your commitment to your horses. Whatever they need, you are there for them, even if what they need means you have to say goodbye.

Reddunappy said...

Ginger, may the world over the Rainbow Bridge be as wonderful as they say. Say hi to Sparkey for us.

Daisy said...

I am very sorry to learn the sad news about Ginger.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for your loss of Ginger - she sounds like she was a truly wonderful horse, and you're right - you were lucky to have known her.

mommanator said...

so sorry for your loss!

Split Rock Ranch said...

I am so sorry for your loss. I hope Ginger will say hello to my Tango. I think sometimes horses come into our lives for a reason, sometimes for only a season, to teach us something or give us something we need and then it comes time for them to move on. It sounds like Ginger came into your life at the perfect time and gave you exactly what you needed. Having a horse that can give you back your confidence is huge. RIP Ginger.

Bird said...

I am so sorry to read of Ginger's passing. I just came over here from Michelles blog Rambling woods and wasn't expecting to read something so sad. My eyes filled with tears.

Shinade aka Jackie said...

oh no I so so so sorry to hear this news. You gave her a wonderful tribute here in this post and I can tell just how very special she was to you.

I am just heart sick for you and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

It must be so very difficult to pour out the love as you do and then have to say good bye!!

Good bye Ginger. You were a beauty and I know you are now running wild and free some where over that lovely rainbow!!

Florida Beach Basics said...

I am so sorry. Please give Mushboy an extra hug. marge

fernvalley01 said...

So very sorry, there is nothing quite like the love of a good horse. Ginger sounds like a truly special blessing in your life. No matter haw long they are with us they take a piece of our hearts and leave us forever enriched by the time spent . Hugs to you and prayers for your healing heart.

Betty said...

I am so sorry for your loss.Your post made me cry.Run free Ginger
~~Hugs and Smooches ~~

jc said...

Haven't been here for a week so missed this post. So sorry about Ginger but at least she knew what it felt like to be truly loved.


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