Beautiful beans

Thank you Marge...I love the beans and the neck skritch
The DOR, Mushboy, and I have been intrigued by sea beans. We read about them at Space Coast Beach Buzz and at other sites linked from that site. Marge is the wonderful lady that manages Space Coast Beach Buzz.
The large one in the photo is called a heart bean and is supposed to be lucky. The smaller one is a hamburger bean and looks really cute. Marge sent a package up to us containing both types of these beans along with the "Little book of Sea Beans". I am really excited about this, although I can not eat them because that would be bad. The heart bean was polished by hand for me by Bill Blazek, who gave it to Marge to give to me. It is so smooth and shiny. The DOR says she is going to figure out a way to fix the heart bean so it will hook to my bridle. I can carry it for good luck like I carry some of Harley Darling's mane to be brave. Being a Native American pony I think it is a good thing to have my own medicine pouch with all of my power objects.
Visit Marge's site when you have a chance. Check out the animals and other sea beans. Such beauty to be found in a simple object. I love sea beans!
My journey continues and it has been blessed by wonderful friends. This gift means so much to all of us, thank you Marge and friends. I also want to thank Marge and her friends for all of the wonderful work they do educating humans about the beach and ocean life, the turtle rehab, and the protection of other wildlife.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug our DOR!


Florida Beach Basics said...

Cactus Jack, DOR, and Mushboy - I'm so glad you liked the bean package, and I know they'll bring you all good luck. Jack, that would be cool if DOR can incorporate the sea heart into your bridle - that way, you'd have hearts front and rear! marge

mommanator said...

arent they beautiful!

kden said...

Those are really neat. I love all things 'Sea'. I will have to check out the website.

kden said...

Thanks to you Jack, I have spent the last hour pouring over the sites with beautiful sea beans. I finally found some magical key chains at Seaheart.com and bought one for my dd (Life of a High Schooler) for Christmas. Now I just hope she doesn't wander over here to see what's new ;-)

Dusty Devoe said...

Lovely! I'm headin' over there now!Hugs to you Jack.


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