Freedom speaks Saturday

What can you tell from a picture? Do they tell a story? You bettcha, here is one I would like to share about the DOR's horse Scooby (Spooky Sky).
The first picture is Scooby realizing there are peppermints and a DOR around, but exactly where are they?

Narrowing down their location. Scooby is using his special radar to locate what he is looking for.

There you are and here I come.

Scooby may not be able to see with his eyes, but he still manages to "see". The DOR helps him out by always wearing the scent of lavender when she is with him, that way he can tell her from other humans more easily. He truly sees the love that the humans around him have for him. In his dark world Scooby sees the light of the true nature of other living creatures.
People often ask the DOR why she keeps around a horse my age along with her lame arab and blind appy. Her answer is simple, she says it is because we give her so much love and lift her soul, that with us she feels closer to heaven.
I just want to remind humans that all living creatures have value and a purpose. Humans just need to look at things with a different perspective to see what they are.
Keep on practicing your Freedom Zen and soon you will be able to see what Scooby sees even though your eyes still work, he sees a beautiful world.
Life is so good! Oh and Jack told me to remember to say: Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


mommanator said...

what a sweet lookingnature he has. looks almost like a cloud passing over the ground. and reminded me of one of my favorite things an oreo cookie

Anonymous said...

I'll keep practicing that Freedom Zen - it's good stuff!


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