Little blue tarp

So on Saturday the DOR and I went to the arena to work. I saw something there that I had never seen before, a little blue tarp with legs! I don't like blue tarps, they eat horses you know and there is nothing more frightening than one with legs that can chase a horse down. The little blue tarp waited outside the fence and chirped on occasion. When I would go past the blue tarp it would giggle, I am sure it was because it was thinking how delicious I was going to taste. The DOR had no pity and made me continue going by the tarp. She did let me take a break from circling but it was only to lead me closer to the tarp. The DOR's friend lifted the tarp up and I saw a little human head poking out-what the heck? Did that tarp eat a little human? The DOR asked the little blue tarp if it would like a pony ride. Is she crazy!!! It isn't safe to put horse eating items on a horse's back...I thought she loved me. The little tarp came in the arena and I dropped my head to look at it. I ignored the tarp and nuzzled the little human head, poor little human eaten by a tarp. I smooch the little human head hoping it would not be so worried about the tarp that had trapped it. The DOR's friend was holding the little tarp and set it on my back, I snorted and took a step, the tarp got off. I looked at the little human head, it gave me a kiss. I decided that the poor little human head needed to have some fun even if a tarp was eating it, so I let the little blue tarp sit on me again. Great just great, the first time a rider is on me since I was hurt and it is being eaten by a blue tarp. The DOR and her friend told me I was a very good boy. I made it clear that having to give a little blue tarp a ride was a big favor and that I should get extra treats. The DOR informed me that I was so nice to give a little girl a ride, especially when she had on a blue coat! A little kid, that was a little kid! I was a bit embarrassed when I heard that, I love little kids. I didn't know that humans put tarps on little kids too. We all wear green tarps except for Shandi, hers is rose colored. The DOR teases me that she is going to get me a blue tarp for the winter, at least I think she is teasing. Well I did learn that little blue tarps are pretty harmless, but I still don't like them.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Powell River Books said...

My former horse Misty didn't like lots of things. Plastic shopping bags were way up there along with tarps. Every time we rode behind the hay stack she would be afraid of the tarp fluttering, whether it did or not. So you aren't alone. - Margy

Desert Rose said...

Jack...just be glad that is not the SAME blue tarp that Lillte lady met this summer! It attcked her hoof and hung on clear across the arena with the DESERT ROSE trying to say EASY! Fianaly she became braver than the Blue tarp cause when she stopped, it did!!!

Anonymous said...

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