For shame

Soooo, see these buckets? Shandi and I have buckets just like them. Mine is the green one and Shandi's is the red one. Every evening the DOR puts four cups of dry cob, our personalized supplements, and a couple of carrots in them for us. She hangs our assigned bucket in our assigned spot and we dig in. While we munch she hums and scoops poop. She is weird, who in their right mind hums while they do poop duty?
Well last night the DOR was being filmed for a documentary by a Japanese film crew so the Support Crew Chief brought Mushboy out to do chores. I waited at the hay tub with Shandi, munching our hay. I waited to hear the scoop dump dry cob in our special feed buckets. I waited for the Support Crew Chief to hang our buckets at our assigned spots. The support Crew Chief came out and walked over to where we were eating our hay, no buckets, no treats, just a scritch for both of us. I thought that maybe I just wasn't seeing well, after all it was pitch black and I could have missed the buckets. But alas I was seeing perfectly fine-no treats!
DOR I insist that you inform the Support Crew Chief that he must give us our treats when he does chores for you. Failure to deliver the treats will result in extra poop in the paddock for you to scoop. Failure to deliver the treats will result in grumpy behavior. Failure to deliver the treats will result in snorts and sillies in the arena. Oh wait, Freedom says that blackmail and demands won't work and will get us even less treats. Considering the fact that he gets the most treats of all of us and he is older and wiser I should probably take his advice. So failure to deliver treats will result in me giving a pooky face and a smooch because I love you. But I would appreciate it if the Support Crew Chief could at least give us a carrot...pretty please.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


mommanator said...

arent you lucky to keep having it filled!

Your Daily Cute said...

The nerve of the Support Crew Chief! You should get double next time to make up for it. :)

Desert Rose said...

Yup...them buckets had better be filled and on time too! I"m on your side Jack!!!


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