Quote for the week

A lot of times people don't ride enough-they ride just enough to make things worse.
~Buck Brannam 10/30/09

Oh no! He didn't say that did he? The DOR surely didn't hear that line, at least I hope she didn't.
I have to say though Buck is right. How many times do our riders just address training at a surface level? Not spending the time to really get our skills polished? It takes years to get things just right, often times our humans forget that. We need to practice over and over what we need to learn, not just practice but practice it right! Often times we get by with a close approximation and the our human gives up, then later they get frustrated because we aren't doing what they ask perfectly. Well duh! If you never ask for the quality you want from the get go, practice it, and spend time honing our skills what could you possibly expect? It isn't like we are going to head out to the pasture and practice on our own, well at least I am not.
Buck says that horsemanship is a fine art, like painting or music. The DOR agrees, but says that painting is easier because the painter isn't using a paintbrush that can think for itself.
The DOR had a horse named Moohshine Nikki. They could do amazing things together and had a wonderful relationship. Sometimes the DOR wishes we had that relationship, then she remembers that it took seventeen years to get to the point that she remembers and wishes for. Seventeen years of riding for at least two hours everyday and all weekend long. Seventeen years of dust, sweat, and hard work. Yep they did what Buck is referring to, they rode enough to get it right. Darn the luck that he reminded her of that. I think my little spotted rear is going to be working as hard as it can every chance the DOR gets....Thanks a lot Buck!
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!

Freedom I saw what you did.....
I am going to get even. You won't know when, you won't know how, but just know it is coming old man.
I was going to send Trudy back to you, but I am keeping her longer and still going to get you!


Dusty Devoe said...

Great post. I am guilty of this. I go to the stable almost daily, but find myself getting lazy. Hugs to you Jack and to your DOR!

Leah Fry said...

I think many of us who have full time jobs, long commutes, etc. are guilty of this. I know I am.

Desert Rose said...

I think that I am one of the LUCKY few that gets to ride to my heart's content. But I even get lazy about things. I love to let Jesse just be a horse which sometimes means he gets to do things he shouldn't. When we rdie by ourselves...I let him play golf, choose his own trails, sniff poop along the way and stop to poop!!! How ever...we have a bond and trust that only comes from spending time in AND out of the saddle together!!!

Breathe said...

No kidding. we're all wanting the work of our childhood, or young adult hood to come quickly - wthout the time we gave it back then. Because we *know* how it can be...

mrscravitz said...

Good post! I am not guilty of this yet, because I am still working up to riding! LOL....But I do work from the ground, and spend time with Sissy as much as my schedule will allow me to. And that IS the key, scheduling!

Victoria Cummings said...

Oh Jack - thanks for reminding me of this. I get annoyed with Siete because she doesn't do things the way her mama does, but then, Silk is 21 and I've been riding her for over a decade. By the time the little girl is that old, she'll be the perfect horse too. And why don't you try practicing by yourself in the pasture? Your DOR would certainly notice if you do.


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