Freedom speaks Saturday

This photo show Salty and me eating our breakfast mush. Mushboy has taken my light blanket off for the day, it is clear and sunny so I will enjoy the break.
The DOR had told you that I wouldn't go in the shelter. Well I decided a few days ago that the shelter was a good thing. The wind was blowing with up to 50 MPH gusts and Salty beat feet for the shelter. He stood in the corner and wasn't getting wind blown, while I was hunkered down in a low spot trying to stay upright. Salty informed me that I was acting senile and to quit being an old fool and come stand by him. Well I am not senile nor am I an old fool, so I headed into the shelter to kick his snooty Arab butt. I hustled in and stopped...there was no wind trying to tip me over, the noise wasn't too bad, and standing close to Salty made things warm. Not to let Salty off the hook I swung my rear around and bumped him hard-point made. Then I stood in the shelter not allowing Salty to leave the corner, yep I kept him pinned in there. Salty didn't even try to leave once I pinned him in the corner, he knew I was mad and wasn't going to challenge me...yep that is exactly what it was, I am sure he would have bolted past a lesser horse. I was so irritated by what he said I kept him pinned in the corner until the wind died down, no playing in the pasture with the breeze blowing his fancy mane around for him. When I thought he had been taught a lesson I let him out and went down to see if the hay stack was still standing.
I now eat my meals in the shelter and can be seen standing in it when the weather is a bit ugly. I guess at my age comforts are nice and I am not being a baby taking advantage of them. This getting old stuff takes some adjusting. I don't move as fast, I like my food just so, want my flowers, and I really want to be comfortable all the time. The DOR says that getting old takes adjustment for humans too. She forgets that she has to slow down a bit, isn't as flexible as she once was, and sometimes she needs help with lifting or moving things. There is no manual for getting old, but she has learned a lot from watching me. She says I don't act old, don't seem to know that I am old, that I just do what I can do and never seem to worry about the things I can't do, and that I find happiness in just being. She says that by accepting myself the way I am I seem so happy. So the DOR is starting to practice what she calls "Freedom Zen"-she does what she can, doesn't fuss about her limitations, and finds joy in simple comforts and brightly colored flowers. It seems to be working, this has been one of the happiest periods in her life. Keep practicing the Zen...maybe more humans should practice Freedom Zen.
Life is so good! Oh and Jack told me to remember to say: Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Anonymous said...

Freedom Zen - what a great idea!

Betty said...

I love that phrase also. It has a nice ring to it"Freedom Zen".
~~Hugs and Smooches to you and Jack~~

Leah Fry said...

Great concept that would benefit all of us who are "of a certain age".

Desert Rose said...

trying to take that aaproach myself!


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