The DOR loves watching House. Her students accuse her of acting like House. Now she may need to see House! Her students have cooties....yep they sure do.
Her school has a herd of kids out with swine flu. What kind of students does she have? I thought she taught humans not pigs. The DOR informed me that humans can get swine flu. Hmmm, I have heard it said that some humans live like pigs-maybe that is the problem. I hope the DOR keeps things tidy so the flu bug doesn't mistake her for a pig.
The first cat was diagnosed with H1N1 that is a bit worrisome. I am not going to let the DOR smooch me until the swine flu isn't going around at her school anymore. I am not getting the pig flu, nope not going there. If I get the pig flu it could cause what tail I have to curl up into a little curly Q, make my nose get stubby, make me have a pot belly-oh wait I have a bit of a pot belly from eating too much-make my eyes all squinty. No I don't think that the swine flu would be good at all.
I am thinking that I may need to wear a mask for protection from the cooties that the DOR may be transporting. I found out that there is a variety of styles and I don't need to wear a plain white one...oh the choices.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


mommanator said...

I'm a nurse and I dont want the swine flu either so I am keeping away from crowds and washing hands frequently!
I love house too, baseball has sure cut into my enjoyment of him!

Caprice- said...

Hey Jack! My son's high school was in the news they had more kids out than in a few weeks ago. My son and I were lucky and the "pig" bug passed us by. I love House too. I'd be like House if I had students like your DOR. Me and children are like the backs of magnets. We don't go together. I raised mine, but barely. Just ask 'em. I like to write too and since it's getting dark earlier and no lights in my barn- I too was thinking about buckling down and getting something on paper again. Good luck with your writing project. I'm sure you and your DOR will have fun commiserating. Sandy and Dani say hi! They have a friend visiting them for awhile so Ariel says hi too!
PS- There is one kid I like and that's my Grandson Kody. I posted new pics of him so check it out if you get a chance.

Desert Rose said...

I think I had my "pig" experience a few weeks ago! I hope so cause it was not that bad for me although I was not up to much I never had a fever and none of my symtoms got so bad that I was miserable. I did hang quite low for a week, keeping my grandkids who probably gave it to me (LOL). I also think I had a small piece of it last spring and it also was not that bad for me. The regular flu is much worse!


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