Quote for the week

Don't betray your horse's confidence, finish what you start.
~Buck Brannaman

So the DOR and I went to the arena yesterday. I haven't been to the arena since my injury. I have been out of the pasture twice for short walks, I have been working in the pasture and paddock, but this was a big adventure. I had to snort at everything and I got the sillies. When we got to the arena I had to work on walking small circles in the sand. Walking was too hard, it is easier to do circles at a trot. I started trotting and the DOR insisted that I walk...why? I wanted to frolic and be silly, she wanted me to use my hindend right. She stuck with insisting I walk because she knew if she didn't she would not be a good leader and that would effect my confidence. After I was walking like I should she asked me to start walking over a railroad tie, that was hard! I had to lift up my hinds and reach them forward, I couldn't drag them. Well I snorted and shook my head to let her know how hard this was. The DOR told me she knew it was hard but she had confidence I could do it four times nicely each way. Well alrighty then, I'll show her nice...I jumped over the tie and then bucked. She made me stop and stand quietly, she checked my neck and back for soreness, found none so asked me again to step over the railroad tie. I stepped over and then bucked again. The DOR made me do several small circles and then asked me again to go over the tie nicely. I complied, four times each way. She complemented me on a job well done.
The DOR didn't like me jumping or bucking. She worried that I might not be stable enough on my feet and could fall. Despite that worry and the voice whispering to her to just call it good and to give me my treats, she insisted that I do what she asked. I realized that she was showing me that she was the leader. By standing up to my antics and not letting me get away with things because I am recovering I have more confidence in her. Buck is right, if you don't finish what you start your horse's confidence in you is eroded and that confidence is essential for a good partnership.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Anonymous said...

Jack, you're right - it's so important for your DOR to help you complete your work, even if it's hard - you should be proud of her and yourself!

Breathe said...

Glad you're doing your physical therapy. It's good for you.


People around here get really worked up around bucks too. So I feel your pain, Jack. Glad you're getting out, though!

-- Cibolo

Desert Rose said...

Bucks are NEVER good Jack...unless it's free play time! Then farts are ok too!


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