Freedom speaks Saturday

The DOR got a new blanket for me. She got a light weight one that will cut the wind and keep me dry. She didn't want me wearing my heavy one anymore, well at least not until the snow flies and the temperatures are down to the 30's or lower-that way I will keep my winter woolies nice and fuzzy.
Last night was my first night in my new digs. I wasn't quite as happy about it as the DOR was hoping. I didn't want my food and water in the shelter. I didn't want to stand in the shelter. I didn't want shut in the paddock. I DIDN"T like anything about the new set-up. I HATE CHANGE!!!
The DOR and Mushboy made the paddock bigger, that way it was the same size as my old paddock. The DOR moved my food out from under the shelter roof.
Then she put my flowers in the stall, I love flowers. I still wasn't too sure about the shelter, it sounds funny in there. The DOR stood inside the shelter for two hours with me while I figured it all out. She kept telling me she wanted me to be warm, that at my age I deserve some extra comforts. What is she talking about at my age? I have lived out in the open my whole life. I never used a blanket until I joined the DOR's herd. I have been a "natural", hardworking, no frills horse. I have to admit I love my warm mush twice a day. I will get used to the shelter. I just like seeing everything that is going on and it blocks part of my view. The DOR is contemplating windows for me. She is also putting together a hanging planter box for my panels.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


EvenSong said...

Your shelter came out GREAT, Freedom! You might suggest to the DOR that "SunTuf" polycarbonate panels make great, easy windows--they can just replace one or more of the metal panels of the shelter--unlike fiberglass, they stay nice and clear, and are truly horse proof (baby Amy liked to chew on them, and pull back one corner to try to break it, but it always just snapped right back!) Last I saw, they are available at Home Depot.

Dusty Devoe said...

You are one lucky horse Freedom! I sure it will be just a matter of time before you're lovin' you new digs! Hug your DOR for me.

Desert Rose said...

Jesse would be trying to eat those flowers...he's a mouthy guy! Glad you will keep warm this winter!


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