I know what you are doing

Hey DOR, can you see me? Look at these radar ears and all seeing eyes. I know what you are doing there in the barn. I can hear the grain scoop. I can hear the grain getting poured into treat tubs. I can see you moving around, taking peeks at me while you are pretending you can't see me. Yep you are not very sneaky you know. You need to be more stealthy to get in and out of the barn without me noticing. So what you got for me?
Well those are some nice looking treat buckets. The DOR mixes them up for Shandi and I every evening. Well if we are naughty or too pushy we have to skip treats so we don't just expect them every time we see the DOR. We get dry cob, our individualized supplements, and some special treat tossed in on top.
I have taught Shandi how not to mug the DOR for treats whenever she comes in the paddock. I have been practicing myself...well I have been practicing being sneakier about it, that way we can have treats every night. I love my treats: oats, carrots, apples, peppermints, pears, peaches, and anything else I can get my lips on.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


fernvalley01 said...

The treats look good , you are a lucky boy JAck

Breathe said...

You get carrots every night? That's it, I'm moving.

-- Cibolo

Small City Scenes said...

Oh yeah I hear ya. I am trying the big eyed sweet look for extra treats. so far no luck. Mac

mommanator said...

you lucky duck err I mean horse!

Leah Fry said...

Jack, sounds like SOMEBODY is very spoiled.

Florida Beach Basics said...

Hey, Cactus Jack - that's a fine looking sea turtle on your page!

I never thought about horses liking peppermints. Kind of like dessert, I guess.

Stay warm out there.



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