Taking care of friends

At the ranch is a special little rescue horse. I like him because he looks so much like my best friend Harley Darling. I still miss Harley and love watching this little horse, it makes me remember my friend and that feels good.
So the DOR was out giving the little guy his treat tub. This little guy is in with two big horses for company. She keeps the big guys away so he can get all of his treats. On this day the big guys were at the far end and didn't see her come out with the treats. The little guy spied her and hurried over to eat, he has never done that before. Together they made their way over the hill so the big guys couldn't see them. They stood together, the DOR rubbing his neck and singing to him while he ate his treats. The little guy was eating away when he suddenly started staring at the water tub, the hose had fallen out and water was running everywhere. The DOR had placed the hose there on the way out with the treats, there was only a little water there so she was filling it up. The DOR set down the treat tub, shut a gate so the big guys couldn't get to the little guy and steal his treats. She went down to put the hose back in the tub, the little guy followed along-this is a first also. He then followed her back when she went to get his tub. The little guy started to eat and then noticed one of his friends wanting into the lower section of the pasture. The little guy stopped eating and wandered over to the gate where his friend was. He looked at the DOR, then looked at his friend. The DOR tried to get him to eat more of his treats, but he wanted her to open the gate for his friend. The DOR let his friend in and the little horse took his friend down to show him the fresh water. You see he was more concerned about his friend than he was about getting his treats. He knew his friend was thirsty and wanted the DOR to take care of his friend.
The DOR has learned over her many years to listen to the horses. She pays attention to where they look, how they stand, their movement, their breathing, and that voice that seems to whisper in her ear. She knows we care for each other and we ask for help when we need it. She finds it interesting to spend a day just watching us and learning more about how we communicate.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Anonymous said...

Your DOR is one smart lady - you may have to change her name! The little horse can tell she's paying attention - that's why he was talking to her!

fernvalley01 said...

your DOR, is such a kind and smart gal! The little horse sounds like he has learned a safe place to put his trust , yay for both

Betty said...

That is a lovely post. I wish more people were like horses. Taking care of friends and family is so important.You DOR is a wonderful friend and family,
~~Hugs and Smooches~~

kden said...

I agree in wishing more people were like these two sweet little horses. Touching story.

Divine3Designs said...

So true, about listening to the horses- I never realized how much they can say without ever saying anything!

Desert Rose said...

Love to hear this kind of story!


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