Quote for the week

Horses can't stand to be on welfare, they need a job or they start causing trouble.
~Buck Brannaman

I think that Buck may have met a few of us at the ranch. There are a few of us here who become naughty if we are not busy. Seems people are the same way, or at least teenagers-if they aren't busy they can get naughty.
The little filly that keeps the old men company becomes an escape artist when she isn't kept busy. Shandi develops "beaver lips" and eats the side off the barn is she is bored. Salty plays "how grouchy can I look" when he needs entertainment. Coehlo does his king of the ranch imitation and tosses his treat tub around.
Then there is me...I am so bored right now because I am still working on getting all my parts to work together. I am doing the "mooch treats off of everyone you see" trick to keep busy and am a bit grouchy with my best friend. The equine therapist told the DOR that I need to start walking up and down hills along with stepping over railroad ties each evening. She feels that I am a bit bored and I need to be busier to keep moving forward in my recovery. Now I guess I won't be bored...wonder what the other horses will have to do to get unbored?
By the way Freedom is the only horse who doesn't seem to get bored. I guess he has learned to find entertainment in the simple things.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Breathe said...

Idle hooves are the devils kickers, you know..


I love being busy. As long as we're busy looking for grass.
-- Cibolo

Pony Girl said...

I love that quote by Buck. It's so true. Unfortunately, my horse may be causing quite a bit of trouble by spring! :) This awful wet weather means lots of mud and no safe place to ride.

Desert Rose said...

Jack...a treat ball may be fun for you. You have to move it around to get your treat out of it. Since you are motivated most in the world by treats...this is just up your alley!!!

Leah Fry said...

Haha! I like Buck's quote, but I also like Breathe's!


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