The ubber-farrier

Today I got a pedicure! Now I have lovely hooves to go with my sparkling teeth.
Doug Perkins is a Pete Ramey trained barefoot trimmer, all of us horses refer to him as the ubber farrier. I really like him, he treats me kindly, makes my feet feel really good, and gives me treats for being a good boy. The only thing I could think of that would make it any better was if I got a shot of whatever that was the dentist gave me.
The DOR caught both Freedom and myself, then she tied Freedom to the fence while I was being worked on. Then I got tied to the fence while Freedom got worked on. Neither one of us liked the bit about being tied up. We both like to hang out while Doug is doing the other's feet, we nose in his tool bucket, take things out to give him, and try to scritch each other. We also stick our noses in to see what he is doing, after all he may need our expert opinions, who would know horses' hooves better than a horse? Our help is not appreciated and we have been relegated to standing with our noses on the fence.
Hank had to have Salty brought in to stand with him, Salty is like ketchup-a mellowing agent-for Hank. The ubber farrier did his magic on Hank's ugly feet. The DOR said Hank's feet are now as pretty as his face, I am not sure that is saying too much. Hank stood the best he ever has and got a treat. I think Salty deserved the treat for making Hank behave, Bryce gave him lots of scritches which he likes better than treats anyways.
I was pleased to see that my training of the DOR is having a lasting effect. She kept all of us on a loose lead while Doug did our feet. It is nice because it doesn't make us feel trapped. She also was more relaxed and didn't seem as nervous as she has been in the past about how we would behave-she trusted us to be good and in turn we all were.
The DOR gets to start riding again next week, so I have lessons to plan. Any suggestions, something you have taught your DOR that I might have fun teaching mine?
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR



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