My family tree

My DOR is resting, but gets bored so she has been doing some investigating. She has traced my family tree on my father's side back as far as the 1600's. The pictures above are of my grandfather Paul Easter. He wasn't tall and elegant. He was rather short and of the "bulldog" body type. He was, however, one of the first AQHA champions registered in the Pacific Northwest and his foals have been top show and pleasure horses on the West Coast and throughout the nation. He was the sire of over 300 offspring during his career. It wasn't his show accomplishments that made this stallion a legend in his own time, it was his big heart. School children came from all around on field trips to visit Paul. He would gently lean over his stall and nuzzle a small child in their fuzzy winter coats. Kids were so taken by this loving stallion that they send him their old coats to play with. Not many horses are fortunate enough to have a funeral service. Over 100 people came to the services on his final day to pay their respects to this great Champion and friend.

His dad was Paul A, his grandfather was Star Deck, and his great grandfather was Oklahoma Star (AQHA Hall of Fame, 1992. Since AQHA issued him the number P-6, NFQHA awarded him a 100% foundation rating.). According to the DOR I have good roots, I thought she was worried about me having two good eyes and four good hooves-whats up with the roots?

I also have a horse named Eclipse in my family tree. He never lost a race and lived to be 24 years old. My DOR says he is a famous horse, like I would know.

The DOR got very excited when she found the Godolphin Arabian
in my pedigree. My DOR has been horse crazy her whole life, she read every book she could get a hold of. She read a book titled 'King of the Wind' that is a romanticized biography of the Godolphin Arabian. She used to dream about that horse...go figure, her and fifty million other little girls. Finding him in my family tree was quite a treat for her.

Here I am the first day I arrived at the DOR's. It is not the best picture in the world, but I think it shows that I am doing my regal ansestors proud.

The DOR is going to research my mother's side of the family. I do not think it is that hard, but she seems to spend a lot of time reading about each one of them.

Maybe you can talk your DOR into checking out your family tree. It is interesting to see where you come from, after all you too could be related to a triple crown winner!

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR



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