Beating feet

Last fall I had a come-apart at the Fall Follies. I decided to lope in the keyhole race, I wanted to kick Whiskey's butt. I got a bit emotional, the DOR made a couple of mistakes in handling me and I launched her to the moon. The DOR ended up on the ground with a fractured pelvis. It has taken a bit of time for her to get her confidence back. It has taken hard work for us to build our trust in each other. I would like to say our team is tighter than ever now. It wasn't like that as of last week though. You see the DOR has been afraid of one thing still, one big thing that has prevented us from reaching that complete level of trust. She has been afraid to canter me, afraid if she did I would have a come-apart again.
Well she did a lot of thinking this past week, evaluating all of what we have been doing together. She took a hard look at where she was in her confidence in me. She decided this past weekend was the right time to put one last fear behind her. She went into her lesson wanting to canter, but willing to wait if the timing wasn't right. I knew that she was facing something important in this lesson, I could feel her digging deep into her confidence. I trotted as fast as I could for two rounds of the arena. I wanted to make sure she was ready, giving her the chance to change her mind. I felt her take a deep breath and relax, she was making sure that she wouldn't make me nervous with her next request. Her mind was made up, she gave me a kiss and nudge and I broke into a canter. As soon as I felt her get a bit excited I slowed to a trot. She stopped me, leaned down into my neck, and cried. It took me a bit to realize she wasn't upset, she was happy. The DOR was happy that the one last thing that was a wedge between us was gone. I am happy too. I am glad I took good care of her, that I made sure she was ready, and didn't canter too fast.
We got it right this weekend. I know we may not always get it right, but for now it is perfect.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Cheryl Ann said...

Jack, I am happy that your DOR got over her fear. Now I need to get over mine and get back on a horse! Maybe Quad is the one for me! He's pretty laid back. I didn't break my pelvis, but I pinched a nerve there and my feet are still numb! NOT DUMB, but NUMB! So, like your DOR, I need to conquer my fear, too!

Sharkbytes said...

Hi Jack- What wonderful news... but not that the DOR broke her pelvis last fall. That part is terrible. I hope you were a contrite horse even if she did make a mistake or two. Cantering is so much nicer than trotting, I hope you two get it together whenever you want from now on.

mrscravitz said...

I am crying with your DOR because I know exactly how she feels!

Anonymous said...

That is just marvelous, Jack! Your DOR can have more trust in you now, and you won't worry so much now about her - now you can take your partnership even to a higher level!

Unknown said...

If your DOR can do it, then maybe mine can too. :) We're all really, really proud of you.

Desert Rose said...

You both must be so proud of yourselves!!! We all are!

jc said...

That's great Jack. My DOR canters me outside but won't do it inside the school. I used to trip and stumble when she first got me and I wasn't very well balanced so she was afraid she would fall off.

I know she wants to conquer this so I hope she finds the courage just as your DOR has done. - Major


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