Less word Wednesday-I'm going to Florida!

Thank your Marge for the wonderful package you sent the DOR, Mushboy, and me! Now we all get to experience Florida.
I love to visit Space Coast Beach Buzz and Space Coast Eco. The places they talk about are amazing and the wildlife stories make for wonderful reading.
If you would like the kit that includes the DVD and cards go to Florida Beach Basics
If you are like me and are a Sea Bean fan you just have to follow these blogs.
I also want to thank Marge for helping support the rescue horses at Sunny Acres Ranch. Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated.
I have to go put on my sunblock and enjoy the beaches of Florida. Imagine that, a little spotted horse romping in the surf...must be heaven.
Have a wonderful day and don't forget to hug your DOR


mommanator said...

anytime you visit Florida, come and spend a few with me. Dont know what the homeowners would say about a horse, but who cares! teehee

Florida Beach Basics said...

It was my pleasure - one of the great joys in blogging is making new friends. Suddenly, their joys become yours, and you share in their sadness. We learn new things, new customs, new ways. We learn more about horse rescue efforts, and you learn more about sea turtle rescue efforts. I hope you enjoy your virtual Florida visit until such time as you can come in person. Marge

Anonymous said...

I've been to Florida for real! I took a week of from first grade to go there and watch my older brother graduate from law school! I was bored. But I did some pretty cool things. And some not so cool things. I left my sun glasses on a bench at the alligator farm!


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