Wisdom hair

I am getting white hairs in my mane and tail. The DOR calls these my wisdom hairs. She says that they are a sign that I am mellowing and maturing. I am not sure the hairs have a darn thing to do with my improvements. I think the improvement that the DOR sees in me is actually caused by an improvement in her.
If wisdom hairs have a real effect the DOR must be brilliant, after all almost all of her hairs are wisdom hairs. I have seen the DOR act pretty silly too, so they haven't made her completely mature.
The DOR got to visit last night. I got brushed, sprayed, and all my bot eggs removed. She spent an a lot of time with me, she needed spotted pony therapy. The DOR loves just to stand with her arm around my neck and her head on my shoulder. I like it too. For a moment it is just her and I, the rest of the world doesn't exist.
The DOR is taking a day tomorrow just for spotted pony therapy. This is something new she is going to do once a month during the week this year. I am sure will make work a much happier place for her.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Betty said...

Your DOR and I must be the wisest and most mellow people I know. All of my hairs are wisdom hairs I use to try to hide them,but awhile back I decided I had earned them so now I wear them proudly.

Desert Rose said...

Hay Jack...if you pull one 2 will come to take it's place!!!


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