My heart knows what the wild horse knows
And I must go where the wild horse goes
Wild horse, brother horse, which is best?
A wandern' fool or a heart at rest?
~Frankie Laine

I substituted horse for goose, which is how the original song was written. The DOR, our friends, and I are sickened by the thought of the loss of a large herd of mustangs. We have a mustang here at the ranch and we all love her dearly. What would life be without her?
Imagine our country with no wild horses? Can you do it? Hard isn't it? My wild brothers and sisters are woven in the rich tapestry of this country. While herds need to be properly managed, they do not need to be destroyed. Culling the herd should not mean murdering some of its members. Please help me and my friends stop this madness! This should never be viewed as a solution to a problem. Imagine if the government managed over population by humans this way... I guess the thought of that makes you very upset, well that is how this little spotted horse is feeling. I weep at the thought of my family being treated so inhumanly.
Remember, humans are judged by the way they care for those dependent on them to have their needs met.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Cheryl Ann said...

Those are my cousins. I HATE to even think of them being rounded up like Cali and I were. We LOVE our human family, but we miss our mom and our relatives in Wyoming.

Leah Fry said...

Many years ago, I took my young son to Toyabe National Forest atop Mount Charleston, just outside Las Vegas, NV. I still remember sitting there on a blanket with our bucket of KFC. I sensed movement, looked up, and was face to face with a curious herd of mustangs. I whispered to the kid to look and be quiet. We enjoyed them for a few moments before they went off into the trees.

We used to see wild burros all the time, but this was the first and only time we ever saw the horses. I can still remember shards of light cutting through the trees, shining on their many colors.

Betty said...

That is awful.There is lots of land out there to let them run free humans don't need all of it. It is not right to round them up.
~Hugs and Smooches ~~

Dusty Devoe said...

I agree with you 100%. Hugs to you Jack.

Tracey said...

Horses are starving on ranges effected by drought. I'd prefer a swift, merciful end...wouldn't you? Although they'd prefer you to adopt so they didn't have to euthanize any. If more people would stop breeding domestics and start adopting our Living Legends, it wouldn't be such an issue at all.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

No I don't want them starving to death. There should be a feeding program that is well managed.
The fear these horses experience before they are euthanized (if they are euthed and not slaughtered) is inexcusable.


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