Afternoon kisses

This is the treatment the DOR gets everyday when she comes out to see me after work. I usually walk, sometimes I am in a bigger hurry, over to her as soon as I see she is in the pasture. When I get up close I stop, then I reach out so she can smooch my nose. I then get lots of hugs and rubbed all over. As you can tell in the video I was a bit flummoxed when there was no afternoon smooch.
I managed to loose my mask sometime on Wednesday. The DOR accused me of rubbing it off and hiding it somewhere. I am stunned that she would think such a thing!

You don't think her suspicion has anything to do with the grass stains on my forehead do you? I hid the mask really good, she couldn't find it. I am sure there will be a search party called in to find it tomorrow, she is very insistent that we keep our masks on. To top things off Freedom has been giving me a raft of cow poop about not wearing a mask. If I have to hear one more time, "If you don't wear your mask you could get eye cancer. Do you want to go blind? I suppose if all of your friends jumped off a bridge you would too. If I knew then what I know now...." I am going to bust. Of course I wouldn't jump off a bridge if my friends did...that would mean I would have to walk out on a bridge, there is a better chance of Ginger becoming a fancy show horse than there is of me going out on a bridge. Sometimes I wish the old man would just mind his own business. Hmpf, he is always trying to teach us a thing or two. Of course he is pretty smart about how to get your DOR to wait on you...I guess it wouldn't hurt to listen to him after all.
Well I am going to see if I can talk my sister into hiding the mask in her pasture. It will be fun to watch the mask rescue team wander all around my pasture searching for something that isn't there.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Florida Beach Basics said...

I love the word "flummoxed" - I thought only Nero Wolfe and I used it any more!

restoration42 said...

I just can't think of a better experience than having your horse walk over to you for sniffies and smoochies. Ah, we've got it pretty dang good.

Sherry Sikstrom said...

Come onJack ,don't be such a rotter , your DOR is taking good care of you. besides don't you miss the smoochies?

Jessica said...

Ha ha! Those darn horses with their fly masks! My horse Caspian has yet to get his all the way off, but there have been a few days that I have come home to find him with one ear out and some grass stains of his own. Jack, you are a pro! Don't go giving Caspian any ideas!

Paint Girl said...

Jack, you are just too darn cute!
You know, it is better to keep your fly mask on! That way you don't get all those flies in your face, and it keeps the sun out of your eyes!
Just wait until your DOR finds it, she will put it back on, where it belongs! Silly horse!


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