Friday night Zen

So how does a DOR end a hectic week? With a nice evening trail ride. Mushboy is the guest photographer, as you can see by his self portrait.
The DOR and two friends loaded up three mares and headed for BLM land in search of Zen. Mushboy and the support crew chief went along, they were going to to walk the trails and have their own adventure.

Here is the DOR and her two friends heading out. Ginger was excited to be hitting the trail again. She loves going, just as long as it isn't for too long. It was old mares night on the trail...all of the mares were in their mid-twenties-come to think of it that is not old, just middle aged. I am not going to talk about the human's ages I have learned they are a bit sensitive about that, but I will say the 50 pounds of soaked mush I eat for dinner will soon weigh less the the DOR is old.

There are ponds and lakes out at the place they went riding.
It makes for interesting things to look at. The ladies say 9 pelicans roosting, the birds took off right as the horses passed. Again it was a good thing that Ginger was who the DOR was riding, we all know how Jack feels about white flippy things.

The support crew chief was spotted doing what he does best, supporting something. He thought this tree needed some help standing.
The ponds are loaded with water lillies.
There are nesting boxes every where.
I wonder if the boxes are homes for these pretty birds?
Ginger likes the fact that there is plenty of stuff to munch on along the trail.
At the end of the last trail ride Ginger was sure she was going to find herself looking like these bones. How dare the DOR ask her to be away from her pasture mate for so long? How did she expect her to survive in such a wilderness? Well this ride was shorter and done in cooler weather. I have to give Ginger her props, she stayed on her feet the entire time-no laying down. I know that the Hawaiian Princess probably thought she was being over worked, she needs to build up to longer rides. The length of this ride was perfect for her royal highness. Ginger jumped over a small ditch that the other horse walked down into and up. She is nimble and it made the DOR giggle a bit.
The farrier is coming to do all of our feet today, that should be fun.
Life is so good!Oh and Jack told me to remember to say: Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Dusty Devoe said...

Looks like the DOR had a nice ride!Hugs to you too Jack.

Desert Rose said...

I so love reading about other peoples rides! I am so lucky to get to rdie all the time, it makes me feel good that someone else gets in a great and long over due, ride!!!

mommanator said...

great photage- looks like a good time was had by all. Dont ya just love water lillies, such beauty in a pond!

The Author said...

Oh, what a wonderful ride. I sure would have qualified age wise and the scenery was gorgeous. I wish I could have been with you.


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