Lesson report

This is a picture from last fall, it is one of the DOR's favorite riding pictures-she thinks I look grand in this photo.
The lesson went very well on Saturday. The DOR and I worked on the bio mechanics of riding, keeping me and the DOR straight. I have a tendency to turn my nose to the outside of the ring, which tweaks my spine making it hard for me to stay round and collected. The DOR has a tendency to drop her right shoulder, which then causes her back to curve to the left. Those two things together are enough to make traveling straight hard. Having the instructor catch it right away helps us both work on staying straight.
I would rather do the lessons at a trot, it is less work for me. Walking and being collected makes me really have to use my rear and I get tired. We also worked on transitioning from a lateral trot to a straight trot. The DOR and the instructor worked together to come up with a clear cue that did not make me act like a "Mexican jumping car", it was nice to get that sorted. The DOR is finding that the new saddle helps her maintain a better riding position, I appreciate that too.
There is a corner in the arena where all of the barrels, torture toys, and a tarp are stacked when they are not in use in the arena. The DOR calls it the bugger corner because every time I go by it I snort and start dancing around. Well what does she expect? Some of that stuff is no fun at all, like the white bag, and I don't like going by them. I showed the DOR how far I have come, I went by that corner and never snorted or danced around once. I gave the corner the evil eye a couple of times but that was it. She was very proud of me and gave me a bunch of pats for doing so good. She also knows how much I like my new saddle. I am lining up to the mounting block and standing still so she can get on. She is glad to see that the saddle isn't pinching and that I like to go for a ride once again. I didn't fuss my bit during this lesson either, I was much more relaxed. Part of the reason I am more relaxed is that the DOR and I are communicating better, the other part is the DOR has more of her confidence back and I don't feel her nervousness. She is even talking about a trail ride soon.
I got to rest on Sunday and Monday, the DOR was home with a sinus infection. The Support Crew Chief and Mushboy did the chores. I gave Mushboy a big goobery kiss to take home to the DOR, I am sure that will make her feel much better.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Rambling Woods said...

You are doing so well Jack..Please tell your DOR that I hope she feels better soon, sinus pain is the worst..Michelle From Rambling Woods


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