A Jack fix

The DOR went up to visit Jack. Jack decided that she should be ignored for a bit, that and he has a young filly he is playing "Uncle" to. Jack practiced being on the highline while the DOR brushed him.

She brought up ten pounds of carrots to leave so he would have some treats...yep she spoils him. She was feeding him some while brushing, she stopped to step back and take a picture and Jack promptly gave her the butt treatment.
She went to get more carrots and Jack started visiting with his little friend.
When she got back with the carrots Jack acted like he couldn't see her. Yep he was trying to make her feel bad about sending him to boot camp.
Jack spends his evenings in a paddock surrounded by trees. There are mare paddocks on either side, it is nicknamed the bridal suite. Jack has to cross a creek to get tucked in, he is doing pretty good with that...getting bribed with hay helps.

This is a picture of the road that Jack has to go up and down when his is heading out to the trails. He is working out his bling-bling butt for at least two hours a day. The Trailboss also takes him out to check fence lines. Jack has to pack tools and walk the entire fence...he grumbled at first, but now seems to look forward to the job. Once he starts paying attention to his feet better he will go out and round up the ranch horses each evening.

Jack is having to deal with getting over jumping at buggers. There is plenty of wildlife for him to see; elk, deer, rabbits, coyotes etc. The Trailboss says that Jack has just developed a habit when it comes to the snorting and jumping...kind of like an addiction. The Trailboss has him in "snorting at buggers" rehab. Jack is doing better, the DOR took him for a walk and he didn't snort at a single thing.

Jack looks good, he has lost some of his spare tire, is muscling up, and is very shinny. The DOR tucked him in to bed and headed home. She didn't want to leave him, but he still has work to do. She will be heading up soon to take Jack out on the trail with the Trailboss, hmmm the DOR will in be in boot camp too.
Life is so good! Oh and Jack told me to remember to say: Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Amanda said...

Annie says she is looking forward to trailriding with the handsome Jack!! Hopefully soon!

restoration42 said...

Good Luck DOR. Good Luck Jack. Hope he understands that life with the trail boss is to help build a stronger partnership.

Sherry Sikstrom said...

He is sure looking good!

Paint Girl said...

Glad to see Jack getting all those trail rides in! It's good for him, he is looking really good!

Desert Rose said...

Jack...all your hard work is paying off, you'll be out of bootcamp soon!


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