Not wordless Wednesday-I have a niece

Yep I look a little goofy, my fly mask is askew...but I am busy taking care of my niece. Shandi has decided that Uncle Jack is pretty cool. She has been hanging out with me the past couple of days.
The old farts are hanging out under the tree "drinking coffee" as the DOR says. They like to just watch what is going on and talk about the good old days. Shandi wants to run and play. So she has decided that when the old guys are camped out she will hang out with me.

Here I am giving the old guys a raspberry. Neener neener, I have the filly! Yesterday afternoon Shandi was running circles, doing flying lead changes, and jumping the logs. She would buzz by me and tease me that she was the fastest horse in the pasture-well alrighty then, the race is on. The DOR busted a gut laughing at the two of us racing around the pasture, jumping logs, and bucking. I was playing follow the leader with Shandi, I let her be the leader. She is a fast little thing, but I could beat her if I wanted to, I just let her win so her little feelings would not be hurt. Of course her running circles around me makes it hard not to get dizzy.
I decided that it was time to eat and she still wanted to play and wouldn't take no for an answer. Now I think I know why the old guys have so many coffee breaks. I had to give Shandi the butt treatment several times before she would calm down and munch some grass. As soon as she stood for a bit I nipped her butt, took off running, and it was another game of follow the leader with me in the lead. I think I like this playful uncle role.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Amanda said...

I would love to see more photos of Shandi!! Also am looking for homes for two Peruvian paso mares. we are getting the purchase together if we can find a rescue to take them. Any prospects you may know of?

Sherry Sikstrom said...

Shandi looks like a cutie! She will keep you young Jack!


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