I am home! Thanks to Freedom for guest writing for me while I was gone.
The Trailboss and I plotted to give the DOR a big surprise. I was supposed to be home by Friday, but the Trailboss saw how much the DOR missed me and brought me home early. He got up Wednesday and saw the weather was not going to allow him to work with any of the horses and he knew that the DOR wanted to spend a bit of time with me before we headed to the clinic this weekend so he called her up and told her he was bringing home early. I could hear her whooping it up on the phone, I bet she was doing her happy dance too. The Trailboss got everything ready, put on one of his "going to town" outfits and we hit the road.
I arrived to one grinning DOR and a new filly in my pasture. Seems that while I was gone a yearling decided that she loves Freedom, she calls him Grampers. She follows him every where. When he is in his paddock eating mush she stands right by the rails and waits for him. When he gets out and takes off running, she is right at his heels. I thought she might follow me around, but she only has eyes for the old man. She and I have the same birthday. The picture was taken in the morning as the sun was rising, it is the little filly and Grampers munching away. I will post a better picture of the filly soon, she is a cute little thing.
I am going to spend the day telling my friends about my adventures, eating grass, and I might even take a nap. I have been working hard and need to rest. The DOR and I will be heading to a clinic for the weekend, rumor has it a cow or two may show up. I am looking forward to wearing my new saddle and have a fun time.
Here is a big hug and kiss to all of my friends out there, I have missed you a bunch.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Amanda said...

Welcome home Jack!!

restoration42 said...

Alright, the spotted one is home. Hey dude, we missed you. Is it true you learned how to stomp mountain lion tail? Wanna see this new saddle we've been hearing about.

Red Horse

Jude said...

Welcome home and I enjoyed looking at the photos.

Florida Beach Basics said...

welcome back, Jack!

Paint Girl said...

Yeah! Jacks home! Welcome back! Have a great weekend!

Sherry Sikstrom said...

Welcome home ! you handsome dude.

mommanator said...

welcome home to where you get spoiled! Hey that is one darn beautiful shot!


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