The whole horse

Some of you may recall that I seemed to have lost the ability to make my hind end work right last fall. The DOR had me checked over by an equine therapist. I have had chiropractic adjustments in the past, but this situation called for more drastic measures. I was assigned therapy exercises and the payoff to all of that work has been great. I even jumped two small jumps a couple of weeks ago.

Salty had lab work done last fall and the vet said that his kidneys were shutting down. Enter a person to evaluate Salty for supplements and dietary needs. Salty was put on detox supplements, probiotics, vitamins, and given a dietary adjustment. This spring Salty's blood work came back great, his kidneys were just fine, the vet wondered what had been done to help him recover.

Horses are similar to humans. We need bodywork along with special diets and supplements to help us be our best too. If your horse is having a behavior problem it is possible that something is out of whack with its body and a masseuse, dentist or chiropractor could help. Dietary imbalances can cause behavior and health issues also.

I encourage all horse owners to take a holistic approach to caring for their horses. Have your horse's teeth done every year, unless they are like me and they have no teeth. If you have access to a nutritionist have them evaluate your horse for dietary needs. A good once over by a chiropractor or masseuse wouldn't hurt either. Take some riding lessons to learn how to support your horse in the proper use of their body when under saddle. Horses are living longer, when you get to be my age all of that good care sure helps keep you going.

I am still spry for an old guy. In fact I have a couple of the fillies under 10 giving me that come hither look this spring. I am able to be the energizer bunny of horses because the DOR makes sure that the entire horse is taken into consideration when providing care.
So here is to a holistic approach to horse care and many more older horses keeping that young attitude and physic.
Life is so good! Oh and Jack told me to remember to say: Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


The Author said...

Jack, I bet you have the fillies eyeing you. You are so gorgeous!
I take a holistic approach to horses too. Custom supplements, vet care, and anything else that is necessary. It worked for my dogs who are very elderly so I'm hoping it works for the horses too.
I'm so glad you are healthy and I hope you'll be around forever.
Congratulations on the jumping!

Jessica said...

Definitely agree with this! In fact, I've often thought to myself, "wow, I pay more attention to my animal's overall health than I do my own"! But that's my responsibility...they depend on me to keep them healthy. Now, if only I could get them to remind me to take MY vitamins. And eat healthier. And get check-ups. Etc, etc. ;)

Desert Rose said...

yes...anthing Jesse needs Jesse Gets. I pack his lunch in zip lock bags for the week with all his supplements and some treats. The stables owner gives him a bag everday!
I am sure you turn all the filly's heads you handsome devil!!!

Paint Girl said...

Great advice!
I also take better care of my animals than myself!

mommanator said...

I just love love love this site.
I dont own a horse, but animals need just as much care as humans! Humans need to 'hear ' their animals to give proper care!


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