Coelho how slow can you go?

Mushboy and the Support Crew Chief were out doing chores today. The SCC decided to take Coelho for a ride. Coelho's favorite game is to play "how slow can you go?". The rest of the herd has nicknamed him Quaalude. Personally I call him Lude the Tude because I love him soooo much. I guess he just doesn't feel the need to hurry in the arena. I hear he can hustle down a trail though, we will see when we hit the trail together.
The SCC has to keep bumping him to keep him moving. Well what can I say? Even I can move my massiveness faster than Coelho and I am basically lazy. I wonder if it would help if I followed behind him "smiling" so he can see my teeth, hmmmm sounds like fun.
Mushboy took a bunch of photos and video while he was out so the DOR could feel like she had come for a visit. Somehow he only got photos of Coelho...what about the rest of us? The DOR needs a Jack fix, not a poky paint fix. I guess she will get her fix at 6:00 AM when she comes out to feed the gummers their mush.
Tonight is the RCER board meeting, so no long visit this evening. The DOR is planning on riding Wednesday night with a friend. I am looking forward to some quality time with her.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR
Cloud no longer runs free, he was captured in the roundup. Please sign the petition, click on Cloud's picture, to stop the roundup...save some of the herds. I am praying that all the captured horses find homes and do not head to slaughter.


EvenSong said...

Coelho moves almost as slow as Kate! Talk about your basic tank! Big and broad with only one gear: loooow!

mommanator said...

poor DOR sick again? and you have to do your thing without her! At least tomorrow is another day!

Betty said...

soooooooo slow. That is me some days. Cloud is so pretty I hope he gets to run free again.
~~Hugs and Smooches ~~


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