Freedom speaks Saturday

I have been cogitating a bit this week...hard for us old guys to do, but good for keeping our minds sharp. I have some questions I would like all the DORs to think about:
1. Do you talk enough to your horse?
2. Does your horse know it name and respond?
3. Does your horse think that a swear word, such as damn-it, it part of its name?
4. After you have worked your horse hard, given it treats and turned it loose in the pasture, if you came out with a halter and called it would it come?
5. When you come out to do chores do you hurry or do you make sure you always take time to pet/scratch your horse?
6. If you whistle at your horse what happens?
7. If you are having a horrible day how does your horse behave?
8. If your horse is having a horrible day how do you behave?
9. If you are walking around the pasture, just walking for no reason, what does your horse do?
10. What does your horse do when it first sees you?
11. When your horse sees its tack or heads to the arena how does it behave?
12. Does your horse view the trailer as a friend, foe, or just neutral?
13. Does your horse have enough faith in you to try to do things that worry it just because you asked it to do so?

Ponder these questions, if you think on your answers you will learn a lot about the relationship you have with your horse.
The DOR's herd makes sure to give her questions to answer quite often...it helps her grow as a better partner.
Life is so good! Oh and Jack told me to remember to say: Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Anonymous said...

Liked your questions - especially #13!

mrscravitz said...

I AM Going to ponder all of these questions. They are good for really thinking about the relationship between me and my horse. NICE POST!

Florida Beach Basics said...

good stuff - most of these questions could apply equally as well to the relationship between two people. :)


restoration42 said...

HA! Great questions Freedom. I like how my mom will spend time just hanging with me. When I first came to live with her I couldn't figure out how come she kept messing with me. It was annoying. Now I like that she will just wander with me sometimes or sit quietly with me while I eat. I sort of wish she was with me more, sometimes I try to get her to spend more time by putting my brakes on when we are heading back to the GP. Often she will listen. She says it is important I get to choose sometimes. I like that.

Leah Fry said...

The answers to these questions made me realize just how wonderful our relationship is :-)

Betty said...

Although I don't have a horse I think your questions would be good for humans too.They could also apply to other animals in relationships with there DORs.
~~Hugs and Smooches to you and Jack ~~

The Author said...

I can actually answer with positive answers to all the questions. She can be 5 acres away but when I whistle, Khrysta comes running. She's happy to tack up and we're best friends too. Anyway, thanks for the list of questions. They are helpful.

Lisa said...

Good post and thought provoking questions. I've been enjoying reading your blog. Thanks for giving me some food for thought.


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