My feet

So I have something different about my feet. When I stand I have a tendency to look really pigeon toed. I don't know why I do that when I stand, it drives the DOR nuts. I don't look pigeon toed at all when I move. So does it matter that I don't look perfect all the time? No it doesn't. You see the way I stand doesn't effect how I move, my personality, or my relationships. None of my horse buddies care how I stand and the DOR loves me just the way I am. You see horses are happy just the way they are, we don't fuss about looks- well Harley Darling was always worried about his looks but he was the exception. Although I will admit there is a spicy filly in the pasture next to me, but it is her personality not her looks that I drool over. Wouldn't it be nice if humans could learn this little lesson from horses. It is your character that is of value, not your looks. I think humans would be happier just being themselves and not worrying about their looks. So how about taking a day just being yourself and appreciating others for their character and not noticing how they look. While humans try to appreciate others like a horse, I am going to try appreciate other horses like a human. Yep I am going to stare at all the luscious mares and drool.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Sherry Sikstrom said...

Oh Jack! How did you know I needed something just like this today?
You are perfect ! It might just be your giant warm Heart making you
have a big chest

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jack - we all need a reminder from time to time!

mommanator said...

ahh we like peogon toes here!

Betty said...

Jack you are so smart and I love you just the way you are.I had my son take some pictures of me holding my youngest grandson and all I could was a fat old wrinkled lady. I thinl I had better look again and see the cute baby I am holding. Thank you Jack.
~~ Hugs and Smooches ~~


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