Aunty Em this isn't Kansas anymore

So we have had wind gusts up to 100 miles per hour....

Oh baby that is fast.

Last night the DOR had to re-tarp the weeks hay supply that she keeps down by our feed tubs. She also had to do some re-securing of the tarp on her big pile of hay. Mushboy helped re-tarp a really big hay pile that is at the ranch. The wind has frayed the poopy out of the tarps around some of the eyelets, so the DOR had to figure out what to do about that. It was funny watching them trying to hold down and secure the tarps while the wind was trying to steal the tarp away.

I won't eat at my regular feed tub because one of the tarps was flapping over the panel above my tub. Harley likes all of this wind, he will stand by the tarps and eat away...so he is bogarting all of the good hay, leaving Salty and I to try to survive on the stuff the wind blows away from the "danger zone".

I was hoping that the Chinook winds would mean I would get my tarp removed. No such luck, there is supposed to be rain and the DOR is worried we will get chilled with the wind that is blowing. I am worried that I am going to get laughed out of the "burly, studly looking gelding club" because my tarp is blowing up around me like Marilyn Monroe's dress in that famous photo. Oh well, by the time the wind stops blowing my tarp and I will be good friends. The DOR thinks that I will be good and "tarp broke", well I will be green tarp broke-but those blue ones will still be horse eating tarps.

Hold on to your hats and keep your skirts down.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Florida Beach Basics said...

Please keep letting us know that you are all doing ok, given the circumstances. Between the news reports and Amanda's photo this morning, I've been very worried about you all. Take care. marge

Betty said...

Hi Cactus Jack, Thank you for stoping by my blog I know it has just been born and is a very small colt, but I am learning.Check back again soon and I will introduce you to fussbutt. Margy's blog Powell River Books is my insperation.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Tell the DOR to click her heels three times and say, "There's no place like the barn", and maybe the wind will stop blowing those tarps around.

Andrea said...

Holy Smokes Jack! Don't get blown away, and you will thank the DOR when it starts raining and the wind blowing, and you have your tarp to protect you!! I hope you stay warm and dry!!


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