The DOR started talking to her trainer a couple of years back about taking up endurance riding. She thought a 25 mile ride would be a great thing to try. At the time she thought she would ride Hank the Tank, he loves trails and will walk/trot all day long. Well Hank is in Ellensburg and she is thinking that I may be better to use because she can get on and off me without a ladder.
She is looking at saddles, she likes to buy new tack.
Now I am having a hard time wrapping my brain around this endurance riding. I endure blue tarps, grocery sacks, "blankets", bouncing balls, and all the other silly things that the DOR decides to play with around me. I thought riding was supposed to be fun, something we did together that we both liked-now I find out that I am supposed to endure it too? Where is the joy? Where is the fun?
The DOR says that it is going to be fun. We will get to see lots of new things, oh goody things to snort and jump at. She says the endurance part is because we will be going all day and maybe longer if I am poky and don't cover ground fast enough. Her plan is that we will start training this summer. She says that also means I have to quit snorting and jumping at things...we will see about that, I think she just needs to pay better attention and work on keeping her seat.
I am going to try and convince her that I am just a leisure horse. A little spotted horse that is supposed to slowly mosey on short rides, the operative word here is SHORT!
I will consider wondering down 25 miles of trail when she agrees to walk the entire trail with me. Yep, that is what I am willing to do.....
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Amanda said...

May I suggest Allegany Mountain Saddles? http://trailridingsaddles.com/

I got one custom made and it is great and won't break the bank.

Anonymous said...

Boy, Jack, when you hear people talking about endurance riding and your name in the same sentence, you should immediately go to the far end of the pasture!

Andrea said...

Saddle Mountain Rider cracks me up!! I would love to go on an endurance ride. Do they do a two mile?? I am not sure I could sit in a saddle for 25 miles. How many hours is that?

And I think some people ride in a windteck? Did I even spell that right? They are really comfy, and a gel pad for the seat would be nice too!!

Leah Fry said...

That's gotta be a Tucker.

The W.O.W. factor said...

Oh Cactus Jack! What real fun and Quality time you and DOR will have!! I used to want to do endurance...and CJ.. it truly takes a special horse with a huge heart, you have those qualities!!

Merri said...

Hey, Jack,
The horses at the Owyhee Horse Spa recently had a
Round Table Discussion on Endurance.


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