Three of the four seasons in a week

The weather these past two weeks has been weird to say the least. The only season we haven't had during that time is summer.

We had winter at its worst, below zero temperatures with snow and wind. Then we had a bit of spring with temperatures in the 40s, snow melt, and grass to nibble. Then is was a return to fall with rain, winds, and tumbleweeds. I am hoping for summer soon.

We are supposed to get down to the teens for the next two days. That means tarps all around. Harley and Freedom will be glad to have them on, in fact Harley loves wearing his tarp. Ginger will be a lady about it. Salty will give a bit of an attitude, but he secretly likes his tarp. I on the other hand HATE my tarp. Depending on the mood I am in when the DOR comes out to put it on I will either stand nice or will be a royal twit. I have been practicing racing up and down the pasture at top speed...that will make it hard of her to catch me. I have also practiced rolling around like a pig in the mud...she won't put a nice clean tarp on my big ol' muddy butt. If all that fails I have worked on becoming invisible. I have it down pretty good. I go stand in Freedom's favorite "camping out" spot, it is a corner behind some panels at the junction of three pastures, from there he watches everything that goes on. The DOR can't really see a horse that is there well, besides she is used to Freedom being there so she doesn't really look for any of the rest of us there. My color makes it harder to see me there, so I am camouflaged well making me "invisible". I am as fuzzy as a yak, according to several humans I have plenty of insulation (they say I am fat), so I really don't need a tarp to stay warm.

Wish me luck!

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Florida Beach Basics said...

Cactus Jack: Repeat after me: "I will not bite off my nose to spite my face." Wear your tarp and thank your DOR for taking such good care of you! marge

Torsdag said...

Now I know why I only have cats, They love their tarp.
Have a nice weekend.

Rambling Woods said...

I guess I have enough padding not to need a tarp either Jack...Great sky post and congrats on the goodies. I will have to go check out that blog..

Lux said...

I hope you do stay warm enough, Cactus Jack! I'd be curling up inside that tarp myself!

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Now Cactus Jack, that is no way to treat your DOR!! After all, who else would feed you and give you treats? So behave!! The tarp is for your own good you know! :) Dont worry, it will soon be spring again.

Saddle Mountain Rider said...

Hey, Cactus Jack! This has been some winter so far, huh? Snow, ice, arctic air... Where i am, we expect that winter doesnt last much past the end of January, so i guess we can tough it out that long. Hope your winter doesnt last long. Stay warm.


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