I am right handed

Here I am at the "thinking post" after my lesson today. Again mushboy is the photographer.
The DOR thought I needed to work getting over being afraid of her toys. Oh goody an afternoon of flags, grocery bags, the circus cinch with flags, and the mickey hand. I have to brag a bit...I did good. I let everything wave around me, touch me, and I even touched everything with my nose. I did blow a few marbles, but all in all I was very mature. I had to put on a good show, there was a youngster in the arena for her very first lesson, she was nervous without her herd and I needed to show her the humans are fun to play with. The DOR thought I needed to work on gathering myself together when I go faster than a walk. You see I am a bit emotional...I get to scrambling when I go fast, which in turn causes me to get upset. So I worked on the long line and tried to sort things out. It was hard work, I got all sweaty and nervous. I did manage to maintain a fast trot without looking like I didn't know what to do with my feet. The DOR says I need to do this for a bit and then we will work on cantering.

Here I am still thinking things over. Don't I look like the smartest horse in the world, you can just see those brain cells working.
The DOR also rechecked how my saddle is fitting, just to make sure it wouldn't cause issues. It fits nice and level, but my massive shoulders make it feel a bit snug. It is tighter on the right side than the left, must mean I am right handed or right hooved. The DOR is going to get a 1/2 inch wool pad to replace the 1 inch wool pad I am now wearing...it should help some.
Here I am showing the DOR my "look I am brilliant" face. Also I heard her mention a custom built saddle. Imagine a saddle built just for my muscular self. I will be the envy of the herd.
After I was done thinking and the DOR finished my second grooming session she turned me loose to roll before I went back to the pasture.

I love rolling in the sand...it gives the DOR something to clean up the next time she is out.
I heard the DOR say that she would ride tomorrow. It will be fun to play around in the arena. I am going to teach the DOR how to sit a trot without holding her breath.
Have a good day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Heather said...

Cactus Jack Splash, or can I call you Jack or Splash? You look like a thinker to me! And what a pretty blanket you have. My pony Grace is also getting used to flags, moving whips and all sorts of fun toys. But She isn't quite ready for a lesson under saddle! And a high five on the custom Saddle...that is a score fur sure!

Love your blog
Heather and Gracie

Leah Fry said...

Jack, looks like it was a good day for you, all around!

Betty said...

Congratulations!!You must have done really well to earn a new saddle. You look very handsome in your pictures. rolling in the sand looks like a lot of fun.
Hugs and smooches

deserthorses5 said...

Jack, I'm a thinker too, and today when my BLONDE DOR told me to "stay", I let out a big sigh and cocked my back leg and figured, "Why not?" She then was so excited and gave me scritches and scratches! What a dumb blonde she is! Tee hee! All I did was relax and she got all excited! She really is a lulu, isn't she?
Hugs and kisses!

Grey Horse Matters said...

You are one brilliant horse, I must say. I love your rolling pictures, I've never seen a more handsome appaloosa.

Florida Beach Basics said...

Cactus Jack - I'm proud of you. Good job on the pictures, Mushboy. marge

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Heather, the DOR calls me Jack-you can too.
I am hoping that the DOR follows through on the custom saddle, she has been talking about it for several months.
She is having the equine therapist look at me and my current saddle next week to see what they suggest.
Scout, isn't it a hoot what makes our humans happy. They are easy to please.
Thank you everyone who thinks I am good looking...don't tell Harley though-pretty boy will get his feelings hurt.

One Red Horse said...

Hows it going Jack? Want to know my very favorite saddle pad? Its my supracor. Mom sort of obsesses on things like pads and when she gets on ebay - well, it ain't pretty. So out of all the cool pads we have tried, I like my supracor best. It is thin and all space agey looking - really saves my back when haulin' mom's you know what up and down mountains. I used to HATE being saddled - never have since this cool pad. Mom is now talking about getting a saddleright pad. I think she should just save the money for more treats for Red.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Jack, you do look lost in thought at your thinking post. Oh, by the way, be careful when you roll in the sand...there are some places that you dont want sand to go!


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