Where do we fit in?

This week I have been doing some thinking about things. With the inauguration being today, Mr. Obama I am still waiting for you to call me, I am wondering where we fit in.
It used to be that there was plenty of room in the world for us- room for all of the earth's creatures. Now it seems that we are not as cherished as we once were.
Don't get me wrong... my herd and I are loved and well cared for, we always will be. There are horses out there, along with other creatures, that were once loved but now are unwanted, a financial drain, mistreated, or forgotten. What about them? Mr. Obama, while you are looking for the new dog for you daughters to have in the White House please remember there are so many out there that are in peril. Please do something to help your four legged constituents.
Where there was once plenty of room, there is now over crowding caused by indiscriminate breeding. I hope that humans stop and realize that we animals are a gift, a privilege to have in their lives...we are not a right. We are a commitment that you make for life, like a marriage...well probably even more permanent than most marriages. We are dependent on you for our needs. it is your responsibility to care for us if you expect us to share your lives and live in captivity.
I know the economy is tight, it is down right frightening to humans right now. That same economy is having a horrible impact on horses and other creatures. If you can, find a local animal rescue and help any way you can. If you have room take in an animal in need. The DOR has been turning away 3-5 horses a week, Joe at TB Friends is hoof to hoof , Rodeo City Equine Rescue is out of space-both these organizations need foster homes. The Horse Rescue and Information Network has a listing of rescues from around the world that could use help.
So with the new president there will be many changes. I hope that these changes are good for all of the residents who inhabit the world. I am hopeful that changes will come that will make the treatment of unwanted horses more humane.
Congratulations Barack Hussein Obama II...may you reach the full potential of your dreams. Oh and this little spotted horse is still waiting for you to call, I want to serve my country.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Grey Horse Matters said...

Well Jack I think we are all hoping this administration has more compassion for our four legged friends and the environment than the last one did. That said, I don't hold out much hope, there are so many things needing fixing that I'm afraid the animals we love will take a back seat to all the other troubles in the world. It's probably a sorry fact that there is not enough awareness in Washington about the dilemma right now in the country concerning horses and other four legged critters. We can always hope for the best but we should be prepared to work to get the word out about the dire straits many animals are in at this very moment.

Arie Wijaya said...

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fernvalley01 said...

How exiting for everyone in the USA today is an historical day! I hope that your wishees for better treatment for animals does come true Jack.

Betty said...

I really love the pictures you poster today. I hope you do receive a call from the Mr Obama and that all four legged critters can find love. Watching the inauguation today I was reflecting on the fact that the first thing I remember about TV is watching Howdy Doody on a small round screen and now I saw this historic moment on my computer.

Lux said...

Oh Jack, I hope you do get that call from President Obama. You have a lot of important things to say!

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Thanks everyone. Today was truly one to remember. I am going to keep speaking out and maybe things will change.

The W.O.W. factor said...

Oh Cactus Jack...I hear ya! The world is in a mess and I know Mr Obama can't fix everything that is wrong...he does ask the humans to help though! It's everyones job to work together to make positive changes. Let's hope there are enough humans out there that listen, and take action to help Pres Obama.
Did you notice tho, CJ, your 'clan' was represented in the parade...and here from WA! The Border Patrol that adopted Mustangs and they now have jobs with USA security where no other man or machine can help! Our borders with tough terrain etc! Maybe their presence can help open the eyes of the humans...
I wished you'd get an appointment to his cabinet!


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