The phantom

The photo is a blur but then again so is the phantom in the picture. The spectre is mushboy, one of the horses favorite little kids. Mushboy schleps 50 pounds of mush out to Freedom twice a day. He used to gripe about it but the DOR pointed out that he was building muscles working at the "farmnasium".
Mushboy likes helping out at the ranch. He loves bucking hay. Last night he restacked the good hay, drat that boy. We had talked Harley into pulling down several bales so we could eat them. Harley pulled one bale down for each of us. We were having a hayday (pun intended) and the the DOR showed up. We got 'The look", the one she learned from her dad, the one that strikes fear in all who see it...we ran to the other side of the pasture. She was irritated because we already had a bunch of hay in the middle of the pasture in addition to the stuff we stole off the pile on Tuesday. Well mushboy fixed us but good, or at least me. He restacked the hay bales. He took all of the bales we had torn apart, piled it up, and covered it with a blue tarp...yep he used a tarp! I think he has been taking lessons in torture from the DOR, on top of that he is learning a bit too well-hmphhh.
Well I know what to do about that. There is a bunch of poop that has to be mucked this weekend, that pile is going to become a lot bigger. Yep we are going to start a poop protest...we are all going to add more to the pile so that it will take days to clear. The mushboy will be so busy hauling poop he won't have time to worry about the hay pile.
If you would like to contribute to the cause we would appreciate it.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Betty said...

Hi Jack, You had better not make that pile to big or Mushboy will think you are getting to much hay.

Lux said...

That picture's cool - we love mysterious-type pictures! :)

Florida Beach Basics said...

Cactus Jack - do you want that poop sent FedEx or USPS? :) marge

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Florida Beach Basics,
Maybe you could have a flock of Pelicans fly over and drop a load or two :)...just miss the DOR please

Mountain Woman said...

I loved the photo of MushBoy. It sure makes him look ghostly. I wish Mushboy would visit me and help me scoop poopsicles.
Sorry about the tarp over the hay Jack.

Victoria Cummings said...

Siete recommends that you poop on the hay, Jack. That really gets them upset!


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