A horse of a different color

What the heck is going on? The DOR is playing with a graphic editor and decided to turn me into an Andy Warhol painting.

I thought I had plenty of color, lots of bling, and a ton of flash. I feel like Kermit the Frog, "It's not easy being green." I am not sure it is easy being purple, blue, or red either. Good thing I am comfortable with my burly geldingness or I could feel a bit insecure. It could be worse...she could have made me pink.
Wait, hey, oh that is it!
What the heck are you thinking? Isn't it bad enough that Harley Darling is flashing his pearly whites and parading around like he is some fine thing? Now you have to make me pink? I don't care if it matches the DOR's helmet, she can just get a different helmet!
Okay DOR, you are going to pay for this. You won't know when, you won't know how, but just know it is coming. I know where there are some good blackmail photos you may not want the world to see. I may goober you up when you are heading to a school board meeting.
The game is on...I plan on winning.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Leah Fry said...

Jack, I always knew you were a horse of a different color! Now I see you're a horse of many colors!

deserthorses5 said...

Hey, Jack....PINK? HAhahahahahahahahaha!!!! I'm going to tell ALL the girls about this!

Lux said...

Haha, Jack ... my mom did the same thing to me! We shall remember. ;-)

P.S. You look pretty good in all those colors!

Betty said...

Jack, were you in the movie The Wizard of Oz? I seem to remember seeing you there as the horse of many colors.

One Red Horse said...

Uh, Jack? Red's mom here. He said he was showing solidarity for you by boycotting the comments. So here I am. And Jack, I gotta say, those colored shots really enhance the elegant curve of your nose. Pure class sweetie. See ya later Jack and DOR.

jc said...

Major sends his sympathies. . . .

Julia said...

I think I like you in green best.


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