Tarped again!

It is Saturday evening and I am tarped again (posted this late because of vocabulary Sunday), this is an old picture. There isn't much snow but the temperatures are down in the teens at night and the wind is blowing.
The DOR tarped Harley first, he stood like nothing was going on. She then tarped Salty. Salty decided he would walk away twice and then stood still. Freedom practically put his own blanket on...he grabbed one corner and helped the DOR get things in place. While she was putting the tarp on Freedom she sent Mushboy over to catch Ginger. Ginger does not need to be haltered to be tarped, the DOR just thought that Mushboy needs to practice catching his horse. Ginger has years of experience escaping youngsters and today she made Mushboy run through the snow for a bit before she stood to be caught. Ginger wants to be treated like a lady and she does not broker with anyone stomping right up to her and tossing on a halter. She wants scritches, rubs, and told she is beautiful then you can put the halter on. She is training Mushboy the proper way to treat ladies. She was happy to see her tarp and did a fashion show for her pasture mate once it was on.
The DOR decided that she could tarp me all by herself, no help at all. She rolled the blanket up and set it out in the middle of the pasture. She came over and put my halter on. She gave me a short massage and said, "Jack well trained horses wear blankets and well trained DORs can put those blankets on by themselves. We are both well trained so let's go." Now I know I am well trained, I give her a hard time to build her horsemanship skills. Well is appears that she has been paying attention. She was confident, made it clear that she was the leader and that she expected me to be a good boy...so I was. It was funny to see her try and figure out how to drape the lead rope so it wouldn't interfere with her putting the tarp on my back, she worked it out and things were fine. She also remembered to lean so her head was to the front of me and not to my feet-good DOR! I didn't even give a snort while she tarped me, see I do that to make her worry a bit about what I am going to do. Tonight she made it clear what she expected me to do and snorting was not allowed.
I also took the advice of Florida Beach Basics who told me not to cut my nose off to spite my face. Thanks for the good advice, now I am nice and warm and I only had to stand still for a few minutes. I also want to be like Luxor who always looks so comfy curled up in a tarp with his siblings.
So now we are all ready for the freezing fog, winds, and mixed snow/rain that is expected. Hope the rest of you are nice and warm in your tarps.

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Leah Fry said...

My guys have their tarps on too, and they decided to give us a hard time about it too. I think they are appreciating them tonight though! Brr!

The W.O.W. factor said...

Feel the warmth Cactus Jack, and appreciate the love of DOR to provide such!
We have that Stud heading to Hawaii come April so he gets to stay snuggly warm blanketed...only because he is Special! You must be special too!

Lux said...

You look very warm, Cactus Jack, and that makes me feel happy! :)

Spartacus Jones said...

Used to blanket my partner a lot, as per the standard practice at the stable where we were.
Don't do it so much anymore. He's got a run-in, a thick winter coat, and gets ample calories.

I'm trying to find the right balance between care and non-interference. Seems most horses' problems start with humans. :)

That's a handsome appaloosa.



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