Bill of Rights for animals

Today the nation celebrates the life of a man who fought for Civil Rights for all people, Martin Luther King Jr. He was a thoughtful man and I wonder what he would think about the treatment of animals. Would he lead a march, make a speech, lead a protest designed to help animals get humane treatment.
There are a variety of purposed Bill of Rights for animals.

Here are a couple:

Bill of Rights
1. All animals are born with an equal claim on life and the same rights to existence.
2. All animals are entitled to respect. Humanity as an animal species shall not arrogate to itself the right to exterminate or exploit other species. It is humanity's duty to use its knowledge for the welfare of animals. All animals have the right to the attention, care, and protection of humanity.
3. No animals shall be ill-treated or be subject to cruel acts.
4. All wild animals have the right to liberty in their natural environment, whether land, air, or water, and should be allowed to procreate. Deprivation of freedom, even for educational purposes, is an infringement of this right.
5. Animals of species living traditionally in a human environment have the right to live and grow at the rhythm and under the conditions of life and freedom peculiar to their species. Any interference by humanity with this rhythm or these conditions for purposes of gain is an infringement of this right.
6. All companion animals have the right to complete their natural life span. Abandonment of an animal is a cruel and degrading act.
7. Animal experimentation involving physical or psychological suffering is incompatible with the rights of animals, whether it be for scientific, medical, commercial, or any other form of research. Replacement methods must be used and developed.
8. No animal shall be exploited for the amusement of humanity. Exhibitions and spectacles involving animals are incompatible with their dignity.
9. Any act involving the wanton killing of the animals is biocide, that is, a crime against life.
10. Any act involving the mass killing of wild animals is genocide, that is, a crime against the species. Pollution or destruction of the natural environment leads to genocide.

Bill of Rights
*** THE RIGHT of all animals to be free from all forms of cruel exploitation and treatment; from avoidable physical pain, psychological suffering, fear and distress, and freedom from neglect and deliberate abuse.

*** THE RIGHT of all domestic and captive wild animals to appropriate veterinary care when needed, and to a humane death (euthanasia) when to prolong life would mean intractable suffering and distress.

*** THE RIGHT of animals not to be used in cruel and unnecessary experiments, and for the testing of non-essential commercial products such as new cosmetics and household cleaners. The use of animals in biomedical research shall be justified only when the research intentions are primarily for their benefit, human benefits being derivative or secondary.

*** THE RIGHT of farmed animals to an environment that satisfies their basic physical and psychological needs and behavioral requirements, and that facilitates their role in humane, and ecologically sustainable farming systems.

*** THE RIGHT of companion animals to a relationship that is mutually enhancing and that is based upon the responsible care-giver/guardian having the necessary respect and understanding to help assure the animals’ emotional as well as physical well being.

*** THE RIGHT of wild animals to a natural, undisturbed habitat, ecologically sufficient for a normal existence and a self-sustaining species population.

*** THE RIGHT of animals to have their interests represented in court and safeguarded by the law of the land.

So remember the animals on this day...
Change is coming and maybe we will get our Bill of Rights also.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Amanda said...

Syndi, you have a dream........

A Bay Horse said...

I totally agree with 95%, especially about not abandoning animals. We just adopted a 8 yo cat who was surrendered to a shelter. Poor little old lady!

I'm not sure I can agree with #8. Because I think someone might be able to argue that when I ride my horse, I am using him for my own amusement. Which is really true, I ride for fun, but I consider him a friend and family member also.

Great, thought provoking post!

Cactus Jack Splash said...

A Bay Horse,
I can see where #8 might be sticky...when the DOR rides me I think I am more entertained than she is at times.
These are bill of rights that I found out there. I am thinking of writing my own, but they would look a lot like my New Year Resolutions for the DOR.
I am glad this post is starting a conversation.

Betty said...

I agree with your Bill of Rights.We have a little black terrier mix that we found about five years ago that some one discarded in the park where I live it was valentine day and very cold she was under my car.We coached her out with fish crackers she still likes them

Florida Beach Basics said...

Very apropos -

I maintain that Heaven is run by critter, children, and old people - those with the least power now.


Anonymous said...

Syndi..this is why I enjoy this blog so much. I am not involved with horses at all, but you are a gifted writer and make the non-horse person really want to be out there with you.

Lux said...

Wonderful post. Very thought-provoking, indeed.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Good thought provoking post. Animals should have their own Bill of Rights, they certainly need someone to watch out for them.

Andrea said...

I had said as a child that I wanted to be a horse. But I had only ever seen well taken care of horses. I never even imagined that someone wouldn't feed their horse!! That just didn't make any sense to my horsey mind!

But now, it's so sad, that animal's don't get to choose their owners. And they do need some kind of "rights". Great post!!

The W.O.W. factor said...

Dream...Cactus Jack! Today is all about Dreaming, and seeing dreams come to fruition....don't quit


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