Goofy riders

So Tuesday was a wonderful day at the ranch. It started out with the DOR coming out in the pasture at 6:00 am to give me treats...she did pay attention to the resolutions that I wrote for her. There was sunshine, no wind, and 45 degrees...felt a bit like summer.
We all took advantage of the sun and laid flat out in the pasture soaking up rays. People who drove by gave us funny looks, I guess it did look a bit like four dead horses in one pasture...jokes on them!

I did have a wonderful dream while napping. I dreamed about the lessons that I would give to the DOR this spring. I dreamed that I would teach her to ride in a variety of ways. I gave her english, dressage, side-saddle, and western lessons. I taught her a bit about polo, jumping, roping, cutting, racing, and jousting. Boy did she look funny in some of the outfits and a bit silly trying to put a lance through a ring. It was a wonderful dream and I got a good giggle out of it. My luck she will decide that we need to learn to "communicate" and ride much like the picture...I will be laughed out of the herd if she does that.

Freedom dreamed that he had teeth and could eat anything he wanted. Salty dreamed that his knee was good and that he could once again beat feet down the trail (I am hoping that dream comes true then he can be the endurance horse). Harley dreamed that he was in the show ring and everyone was awed by his stunning looks. Ginger was dreaming about making mushboy run for days to catch her, that and doing horse ballet (she is very light on her feet).

I wonder what the DOR and mushboy would dream about if they got to lay out in the pasture soaking up the rays?

The DOR came out to feed and I put on a bucking show for her...she just grinned and said that she was glad to be walking in the mud and not landing in it.

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Grey Horse Matters said...

It's always good to dream about the future. Especially if it's warm and includes riding.

Amanda said...

I am dreaming of better days myself

Jo, a retired teacher said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog on SkyWatch Friday.

You've made me miss my dad, who passed away a year and a half ago. He would have understood and communicated well with you and your DORs. He was always fond of Appaloosas, but his long-time companion (a Palomino/Buckskin mix) joined him on the heavenly trails last summer.

Take care.


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