The clinic was a great time and the DOR was on her best behavior. We worked on ground skills each morning and then riding in the afternoon. This is the first ride we have had together since the "tumbleweed twister". It was also our first ride in the new saddle.
I like the new saddle it doesn't pinch me. It is a draft horse saddle, yep now you know how massive I am. It is also a lot lighter than the saddle the DOR had been using. The DOR never got saddle sore riding in her old saddle, she got a bit sore after two days in the new one...it just needs broke in. The DOR will learn to love this saddle too, well at least she is willing to live with it for my sake.
I did everything I was asked to do. I learned to trot in a lateral motion. I really liked doing that, I looked very fancy and collected. The DOR thought it was fun too. I did protest a bit when asked to move forward in a straight line after trotting laterally for 10 feet. The clinician said I looked like one of those Lowrider jumping cars and the DOR made me turn in a tight circle and walk off-I guess I wasn't supposed to protest. I had to do something to let them know they were spoiling my fun.
We worked on gait transitions using a half-halt...I rocked every one of them. I transitioned within one step after each half-halt the DOR did. The DOR got told her riding form is 98 out of 100, she lost points for looking down and sometimes having her getting too tight. She worked on looking five feet ahead of us and started humming to reduce her tension.
I am glad we are back riding again. I am going to take good care of the DOR, I want her not to be worried when she is riding. The clinician told her that it is normal to be fearful after what happened and that time and success will help her get over it. This weekend went a long way to help her get back to where she was before I threw her last fall.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Leah Fry said...

Lookin' good, you guys! I have a raspberry helmet like that, you sassy girl!

restoration42 said...

You two sure look ready for any business that might come your way. Trail school seems to have done the spotted one a world of good. Bet it will pay off big time, looks like it already has.

Red and his mom

Sherry Sikstrom said...

Looking good , sounds like a productive clinic , fear is normal but the fact that she is working thru it with you is excellent~!


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