Late night post

Good evening! The Internet was down for a couple of days. The DOR is tired after two days at the clinic. She is a bit of a slacker if you ask me, I have been working everyday for three weeks straight. Maybe she needs to go to DOR boot camp and get ready for a busy riding season.

The clinic was great, I will report more later. I was grand, I impressed every one with my ability to trot laterally across the arena.
The picture is of my new saddle. It is the one I will be using until the DOR gets enough funds saved up to have one made just for me.

I am going to take a rest.

See you tomorrow.

Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR


Amanda said...

NICE SADDLE I am in trouble with Poncho, he is very short-backed and nothing I have fits him.

Desert Rose said...

Jack...you should be nice to your DOR, she just paid to send you to boot camp, which seemed to help your...ah er...spookyness!!!

Trailboss said...

That saddle is gorgeous! It reminds me of one that my best friend bought 2 years ago. I have to ask you...what in the world does DOR stand for? That has been driving me crazy for a while now.

Cactus Jack Splash said...

DOR is short for Dope on a Rope, my pet name for my owner


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