Square dancing?

Here is a video (please ignore the sound) of me circling to the left at a walk and trot Sunday night. As you can see I do better in this direction than I do to the right . You can see me drag my right hind and swing it a bit odd. Even this way I am better than I was last week.
I am beginning to feel a bit like a square dancer-circle to your left, circle to your right. Swing your right leg in, swing your right leg out, then shake your butt about...oh that is the Hokey Pokey. I have to practice crossing over every night, along with backing. In some ways it is a bit like being a gangly colt all over again trying to make my legs work altogether like they should. I am working hard during therapy, but will be glad when it is all done.
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Anonymous said...

You'll get there Jack - you're making great progress!

Betty said...

You are doing great Jack. When may I come and dance with you?
~~Hugs and Smooches~~

Florida Beach Basics said...

we're all just so glad that you're making progress, Cactus Jack. keep working.


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