Therapy and massages

Mushboy took this picture of the DOR doing some of my therapy. In this photo she is working on pressure points to make me arch my neck and lift my back. There are seven pressure points on each side and then two on my rear that she activates everyday. After the pressure points are worked on I have to do my neck flexing five times to the left, right, down, and up. The I have to do cross overs with my hind feet and back up five feet. I have to practice holding up my feet, just like when I was a baby, to be ready for the up coming farrier visit. I also get "tail pulls" to help straighten and strengthen my spine...good thing for the DOR that I am not a kicker. At the end of all of this I am a bit tired. The DOR gives me a nice massage and some green apple treats. I am good for my therapy and usually don't have to wear a halter because I will stand like a good boy. The DOR and I get to spend quality time together everyday with this...I get all the attention and I love it.
Enjoy you day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Cheryl Ann said...

Jack, that looks like fun for you and your DOR! I wish mine would do that for me!

Jocelyn said...

I would love to do that on Star, I should learn that, she would like that. I sure hope Jack gets back to 100% soon.

wilsonc said...

I know about tickling under the belly to get them to lift their backs, and the two points on the hind end on either side of the tail, but what are the others? I do carrot stretches with my boy everytime I ride. I admit I'm not as good about those hind end pressure points for lifting the back. I hate standing back there. Feels to vulnerable. Don't mind pulling on the tail although I don't do it very often. What your doing with Jack would be good for every horse I'd think. Keep up the good work and hope he gets better soon.

mrscravitz said...

Jack you are such a good boy, AND you have a wonderful DOR!


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