Good Monday Morning!

So the vet checked me over again. I think he just likes to look at me and that is why he keeps coming out.
The vet was going to draw more blood. He ended up not doing that. He checked me over and said he was beginning to think I didn't have West Nile (yes the tests were negative, but he didn't believe them) or any other virus, but the DOR wasn't going to like what he thought it was. The DOR told him, " I rejected your bad news and substitute good news of my own." He told her he thought I had wobbles-this vet spent a long time studying wobbles so he would know the symptoms. The DOR had quite a discussion with him about the fact I have never shown signs of being a wobbler my entire life and that we would have seen something by now. He pointed out that she didn't own own me my whole life and she let him know that she knows my entire history and trainer. He looked me over again and she pointed out that I do not want my head or neck messed with and that I usually wants lots of attention in that area. My vet is always willing to listen and he thought about what the DOR said. He spent more time looking at me and moving me around. He has come to the conclusion that I fractured my neck. He said that a catastrophic injury would explain the sudden onset and severity of the symptoms. He said I could have gotten the fracture goofing around, whipping my head around just right, or slipping in mud and falling along with numerous other ways. Nobody seems to be asking me how it happened, but then again I would never fess up to getting hurt doing something silly.
So the DOR is going to spend the next couple of weeks video taping and doing rapid shots of how I move to track my progress. The DOR doing really modified carrot stretches to encourage neck motion to the side, it is almost non-existent right now. She is also having me do other physical therapy tasks. The equine therapist will be out to look at me, I am sure she will have a laundry list of things to add by then...there better be a daily massage in there! We are going to re-evaluate things in a couple of weeks. Needless to say I will be needing lots of body work to support me in my recovery...lots of massages in store for me. I believe that I will make a full recovery.
In the mean time I am teaching Shandi Doll how to mooch treats fro the DOR. Shandi is a bit short, but she has figured out that sticking her nose in and nickering will get her a sour apple biscuit. Now I have to teach her how to meet the DOR when she checks on us in the morning after feeding the mushfaces. Greeting here with a nicker is good for two sour apple biscuits....oh yeah!
Enjoy your day and don't forget to hug your DOR!


Anonymous said...

You're looking good Jack, and hope you don't hurt too much - massages and treats sound like just the trick to get you back to full health. How could you have fractured your neck - you're too smart for that! I'm still thinking rhinovirus, but then I'm not a vet and my opinion is worth what you paid for it!

Betty said...

Good Morning to you to Jack,I am glad you are feeling better and I know that with the Love and care that you get from your DOR you will make a complete recovery.
Do you think that if I add copper to my diet my hair will turn back to the dark color it use to be.(LOL)
~~Hugs and Smooches ~~

Sherry Sikstrom said...

Hope you continue to mend quickly

Once Upon an Equine said...

Interesting conclusion your vet (who obviously has a crush on you Jack) made. Good information and observation from your DOR. Mend well so you can get all those head and neck scritches again.

mrscravitz said...

it is always nice to have a DOR know your every movement, and understand your health to convey to the Doctor. But a Fractured neck? My Goodness Jack. You must be careful! Lots of massages will be just the ticket.

Desert Rose said...

Jack you silly boy...you MUST FESS UP and tell your DOR what happened to you, she is soooooooooo worried!!!

Unknown said...

Broke your NECK? Holy horseshoes, Jack! Gosh, I was kind of thinking you were just goofin' for treats or something.

I got in big trouble over here and am on probation. I'll tell you about it later. It's been a little... tense.


Feel better, Jack. Stretches for carrots are good, but you just take it easy!

-- Lily

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that it is not WNV, but what you do have doesnt sound so good,either. The therapy should get you back on track. Treats, massages ... i could use some therapy like that.

Leah Fry said...

My dad used to cuss and fuss and wondered how come nobody ever seemed to get hurt while WORKING?

Glad you're feeling better, Jack.


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